Top 10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Rihanna

Top 10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Rihanna

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You’ve probably know her well when you first heard Umbrella. Since then, you began following her in everything. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, you probably used her photo for your social media sites sometimes. Yep, we’re definitely talking about Rihanna.

Being a fan, you probably googled almost everything about her. Her real name, birthday, birthplace, the name of her parents, and many more. You’ve also seen her in entertainment news, following almost everyday gossip about her. With that, let’s talk about something deeper when it comes to Rihanna.

In growing up, Rihanna thought that she was a tomboy. Maybe that was because her other siblings are boys. Besides, her childhood had probably made her tough because of some family problems that they had back then and she had already witnessed it at a young age of 14. That’s why she started working, too. Selling some clothes in the street.

Almost close to that age, Rihanna had also developed her talent in singing. She won a talent show for her rendition of Mariah Carey’s “Hero.” However, it was in 2003 when she met Evan Rogers and had her biggest breakthrough in life. That happened right before she got her debut album.

Well, there’s really so much more to talk about Rihanna, so here are the top ten facts you didn’t know about her:

10. Rihanna has racked up 20 top 10 songs faster than any other solo artist.


And now to get this started, our tenth fact will surely make you so amazed with Rihanna already. Did you know that she has racked up 20 of her songs in some top ten charts? Well, what she did was way faster than any other solo artist can perform. In the generation today, most people would only go for bands or group-piece performer. It must have been hard for solo artists to do, but they would always survive. And as for Rihanna, she must have so happy with this fact. It’s not easy for a solo artist to raise her songs that well. Her audience must love her so much.

9. Her new single, “Talk That Talk,” just went number one on Billboard’s Top 100.


If you didn’t know this yet, well, Rihanna’s Talk That Talk single had already peaked Billboard’s Top 100. And that my friend, is another fact you should be taking note about. In November 18, 2011, Rihanna released Talk That Talk by Def Jam Recordings and SRP Records under the same album name. “Talk That Talk” is also the third major collaboration of Rihanna and Jay-Z, after working on “Umbrella” in 2007 and “Run This Town” in 2009. Jay-z was featured in this song with a rap verse as the 3:29 minute song goes on.

8. She is BFF’s with Katy Perry.


And number eight for our chart may be obvious but this one’s essential for many of the fans. This may reunite or combine both fandoms from two parties. Well, that is because our eighth fact is that Rihanna and Katy Perry are really best friends. Way back in 2010, Rihanna even organized a bachelorette party for her friend (and another famous singer) Katy Perry. She may had missed Katy’s wedding which happened in India due of recording the Loud album, Rihanna threw a great party for her best friend. They spent time together along with their other friends at Hard Rock Hotel Beach Club pool after attending the production of Ka by Cirque du Soleil at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

7. Rihanna will appear in the autumn- winter Jeans and underwear ads for Armani


Being a fan, you should be on the go and updated with your favorite celebrity. You know who she dates, her tour, upcoming songs, albums and son on and so forth. Well, you should also know that Rihanna appears in the autumn- winter Jeans and underwear ads for Armani. Well, she’s actually perfect for it, right? Aside from her amazing voice talent, God had showered her with those one of a kind curves and well, let’s get this straight, sexy body! And yeah, let’s admit it that Rihanna can also impose that seducing and beautiful look.

6. Rihanna made a name for herself in the pop-dance arena with “Pon de Replay.


And yep, number sixth fact you should know about Rihanna is that Pon de Replay was where she had made a name for herself when it comes to pop-dance arena. Back then, Jay-z was so concerned about the song, that Rihanna might end up with Pon de Replay as her only hit song. It’s obvious that he was wrong. By the way, Jay-Z was the one who kept on believing to Rihanna, that’s why he was so concerned about it. Also, when Pon de Replay was released, Rihanna admitted that she didn’t like it at first. “”I thought it sounded like a nursery rhyme,” she even stated.

5. Rihanna is the first female from Barbados to receive a Grammy.


And now we’re down to half of our chart! Have you learned something new about your favorite singer, Rihanna? Well, keep reading for there’s really so much more to know! The fifth fact you didn’t know about Rihanna is that she is actually the first female from Barbados to receive a Grammy! Just so you know, this female Barbados singer had already 228 awards and had 281 nominations from different festivals. It was recorded that she is the first ever female who came all the way from Barbados to won Grammy. Also, Rihanna has most wins in the Best Rap/Sung Collaboration category, with three awards.

4. She demonstrated her singing abilities early in her life.


This trait is not that really uncommon among the well-known artist. But the fourth fact you should know about Rihanna is that she had already developed her talent in singing when she was young! It may have started in a simple experiment of forming a band or a group, but whatever it is, we’re definitely glad it happened. Back then, Rihanna along with her two-classmates formed a group and audition for the veteran producer Evan Rodgers. Rihanna had captivated him, outshining the other two members she formed. That was the time when Rihanna had moved in to Bronxville, New York later on and stayed with Evan Rodgers to produce her debut album.

3. She is the oldest of three children.


And now, we’re actually down to number three. God it must have been so long, but being a fan, you should know a lot about your favorite celebrity. It may sound creepy and kind of a stalker, but if you like her then we suggest you better get along with them and be updated! However, you should know some basic facts about her, too. Who knows, the next headline in the news is actually someone related to them! So I am talking about Rihanna’s other siblings. Aside from Rihanna, her mother also bore two more boys after the singer. Rorrey and Rajad. Well, that sounds interesting, too, for all three of them have their names start with “R.”

2. She was born in Saint Michael, Barbados.


We were been a fan of someone and that stage was when we would literally go gaga over a celebrity. Well, it’s a normal cause. That was when you want to know everything about her and the life she have: Her whole name, her previous lifestyle before getting the fame and almost everything. Our number two fact will surely answer one of your wonder about Rihanna. Well, it was in February 20, 1988 when Monica Braithwaite – a retired Afro-Guyanese accountant – gave birth to her baby girl that we now call Rihanna. Just so you know, Rihanna was actually born in Saint Michael, Barbados.

1. Rihanna’s full name is Robyn Riha Fenty.


And finally, we’re down to the number one and best fact you should know about Rihanna. Topping this chart is the truth about Rihanna’s real name, which is Robyn Riha Fenty. Well, you probably had Googled about this one but there’s really something you should know about the name. Rihanna was actually her middle name. As we all know, Rihanna was so famous around the world because of her talent in singing. However, she was never called this way before her success. Robyn Riha Fenty only adopted the name Rihanna when she finally had a breakthrough and became a star.