Top 10 Celebrities with Beautiful  Looks

Top 10 Celebrities with Beautiful Looks

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 Summer is in the air and what perfect time to be a girl. It is indeed true that our crowning glory defines our face and to experiment with different hairstyles (and make up)to find what works best for us is exciting. Throughout history there have been certain hairstyles that made their marked and are continued to be copied today. Think of Cleopatra’s blunt bangs or Twiggy’s Pixie look.

This summer, don’t be afraid to go long. Just remember to wash your hair regularly to fight off the humidity and dirt. You can go for big waves or a sleek ponytail. You can also try for soft waves where the tips of your hair are curled loosely. If you don’t want a sleek pony, tease your hair and back comb it before you hold it in its place. Try the Fish Tail braid to look effortless and to keep your hair out of your face. Summer is also the perfect time to get a pixie. Just remember to put hair wax to control the waves on your hair. You can also accessorize your crowning glory to go for a boho chic look. Placed beads, flowers, or wear a wide brimmed hat to cool down the summer heat.

You can also try to follow the amazing styles of these celebrities.

10.Nia Long


The clean top knot works on so many levels for Nia Long. This look is best achieved on a wet hair so after you shower, comb your hair with a wide toothed brush to untangle any curls. Then with a fine toothed comb, set your hair as if creating a high ponytail. Apply mousse often to get a refine look and clean out any loose hairs. Once you have achieved the desired look, brush the ponytailed hair and place in to a bun. Secure with hairpins. For the face, apply primer and foundation. Smudge eyeliner to get smoky eyes and curl your lashes. Finish off with a shade of Berry lipstick.

9. Ashanti


If looks could kill, this one will. Sleek, long and golden, no wonder this look is in this list. Ashanti’s commercial success could be attributed to her debut single “Foolish”, which sold over 530,000 copies on its first week. She followed this single with, “What’s Luv and Always on Time”. The popularity of her songs gained her a nomination and a win as Best Contemporary R&B album in the Grammy Awards.  To get this look, part hair in the middle. Apply a generous amount of mousse and iron as close to the roots as possible up to the tip. Hair ironing should be done on a slightly wet hair. Apply nude lipstick and keep it glossy.

8. Nicole Scherzinger

8-Nicole Scherzinger

Being a lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls, Nicole Scherzinger received commercial and international success after the debut of the group’s album, PCD, in 2005. This was followed by their sophomore album, Doll Domination and eventually a successful solo career with album Killer Love launched in 2011. Her solo efforts also paved the way for being a contestant and eventually its winner on Dancing with the Stars, and judge duties on the Acapella singing competition, The Sing-Off, and the American X-Factor. She’s mostly seen in refined and tailored casual (jeans) clothing.To get her effortless look, brush hair to one side. From the back of your hair near your nape, braid a small portion of your hair and braid.

7. Jennifer Lopez


At 45, Jennifer Lopez remains the queen bee of fashion and will put any young girls to shame with her rocking body. This dancer, singer, actress, fashion designer and former fly girl has been on a constant public eye ever since her great performance in the biopic Selena. Fashion wise, she made her marked after wearing a green, low cut Versace chiffon dress in the 42 Annual Grammy Awards that sent a media frenzy. The dress designed by Donatella Versace has become iconic and has been put into display at the Grammy Museum.  To get Ms. Lopez’s look, get a wide brimmed hat and let your hair flow under it. Keep your make up to a minimum by opting for an all-natural look.

6. Amber Rose

6-Amber Rose

Nobody has made buzz cutlook this good. Amber Rose crowning glory (or the lack thereof) isn’t really an issue to this beautiful young lady. We’ve seen her play with color – hair color that is and put emphasis on her other assets. Mostly she has kept her hair cropped in a platinum blonde shade which works well with her tanned skin tone. Use water based foundation to get a moisturize, dewy look. If not available, opt to put a highlighting powder on your forehead and above the apple of your cheeks. For a striking lip choose a matte lipstick in statement color. Red is always a favorite.

5 .Keri Hilson

5-Keri Hilson

Keri Hilson’s ever changing hairstyle has been a constantly copied by young girls out there. Her style is always easy to duplicate and usually looks great on anyone. To get this particular Keri Hilson’s look, you must first have a long, flowing hair for a fabulously long and solid braid. Get a friend to help you with your hair. Part your hair in the middle and start braiding. Apply mousse to make the braid clean and neat. For your make up, apply charcoal colored eyeliner and slowly smudge to get smoky eyes. Coral colored lipstick looks best to finish this look.

4 .Rihanna


Rihanna’s ever changing look has landed her in numerous most stylist list. From her hair to her shoes, she is the total package. Her style is effortlessly sexy and she carries it real well. Amongst her memorable fashion hits are: AmaniPrive in the 2012 Grammy Awards, AzzedineAlaia red flowing dress in the 2013 Grammy Awards, and Adam Selman gown at the Victoria’s Secret 2012 Fashion show. You’re already on your way if you have a jet black hair, put a generous amount of mousse in to your hair to hold the curls when you use curling iron. Red lips and a clean simple make up will seal this look.

3. Zendaya Coleman

3-Zendaya Coleman

Zendaya Coleman appears to be a huntress, a look that’s perfect for out-of-town.  Coleman best known for her Disney Channel series, Shake it up, and as a contestant in Dancing with the Stars is only 17 years old and yet she already have the fashion intuition we wish we had when we were in our teens. Her look is best achieved if you have a naturally curly hair. No need to tame it down, instead just run your fingers through it to untangle any unruly curls. For your face, use water-based products if you are going to stay outdoors. Highlight your lips with a plum colored lipstick. Embrace the diva in you.

2. Hannah Bronfman

2-Hannah Bronfman

This girl is an environment friendly advocate and is the owner of GreenOwl, a record label and multimedia company who uses and support environmentally sustainable materials. She always appear fresh face and seems to be younger than her actual age (she is 24 but looks like she’s just in her teens).  To get her fresh face look, apply a light-hold mousse in your hair. Brush any tangles and iron out any curls. Don’t be afraid to slack on the hair ironing as you don’t need to have a slick straight hair. With a clean face, apply a foundation with a honey shade color. Apply blush lightly. Pencil your brows to have the fuller brow look.



Our top spot goes to Adrienne for the obvious reason. She kept things simple and opted to highlight her lips with a bright and glossy colored lipstick, long curled lashes and a messy-yet somehow refined know. To get the look, start with a clean face and apply a concealer under the eyes to get the fresh and wide eye look. Apply primer on the rest face followed by a foundation. Use peach colored blush to highlight your cheekbones. Apply primer on the lips, followed by a peach shade lipstick on the inner lips and red colored on the outer part. Apply gloss. For the hair, apply mousse and tease. Comb finely to get the sleek look and put your hair in a high ponytail. Create the bun using hairclips.