Top 10: Best Megan Fox Movies

Top 10: Best Megan Fox Movies

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Megan fox is an American actress and a model, she has stared in the top movies which brought her to the spotlight. She has been on the rise to fame since she was a teenager. The movies describe her as a bad girl, but in real life she isn’t really the bad girl. She is so charming and full of live; her beautiful face, gorgeous smile and always kind towards everyone. She is always lively and open when it comes to controversial stories, not ashamed of talking about the nasty rumors about her. She became a house hold name since she first made a debut in her movie the transformer. She is also a fashion icon, because of the natural character she explicit in her movies. She always praises her efforts, and that is what every movie star is proud of. She is more successful than those who have more experience in the industry.

10. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

10-Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

It is a story about two teenagers who live the struggle to save their city. They are teenagers and also ninjas, a lot of explosions occur in the city, and they really have to save the situation. Working hand in hand with the media people, microphone and the cameras, they have to save the situation from destroying the city. They really didn’t fear anything; all they wanted was to rescue the people from any possible damage. Megan is always dressed in the yellow jumpsuit that really reflected the ninja’s character. They have complete serious action movie, dramatic music, machine guns and screaming.

9. Friends With Kids

9_Friends With Kids

The movie is all about teenage friends who want to have kids. Their love towards each other contributed to the motivation to have kids. At the age of 30 they both made the decision for they really loved the kids so much, they wanted to have their own. Megan’s character is always clear and attractive to a wide range of audience. The two teenagers loved each other so much and they wanted to be a family to have their own kids so that they become their personal friends. Kids are always attractive and one always wishes to have them especially teenagers.

8. This is 40

8-THIS IS 40

This movie is concerned more about aging. It is much worrying to see your body wearing out. It is all about the fear of growing old. At the age of 39 she is all full of energy enjoying herself because she could not believe that she is growing old. She smokes cigarette and having lots of fan cycling. Worrying about the kids, it was really a bad experience to her. She really describes a character that seems to be real and usually disappointing to many who grow old without realizing it. Megan’s character is amazing because she is still young but manages the old character.

7. Passion Play

7-Passion Play

It is all about a romantic table of love, redemption, and exquisitely art directed. Nate a young and upcoming artist has a contract to record jazz music at a club. His best pals together with him try to find their dreams at the night club. One day he is drugged by a thug and driven off to a desert, he knew that he would surely die. He is rescued from death and now wandering through the desert to find his way back. He meets Megan fox and were both attracted to each other. Through the night clubs they separated and later reconcile until they made it at the end.

6. How to Lose Friends and Alienate People


The movie is about a young star who was a journalist. He wanted to be friends with everyone in the company he is employed on. He makes friendship with all the workers and his boss. He meets a pretty young lady Megan fox and really wanted to be friends with her, but he is warned not to. He differed with his colleagues because of this and looses many friends. After his fame, he now enjoys all the benefits, including all the girls who once did not wanted his friendship. He grew up to fame and became more successful in his career.

5. Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen


It is all about a young beautiful lady who wanted all the fame. She could do anything in her power to actually get it. At the age of 14 during the school auditions, she was selected to take the role beating up her fellow young girl. Her fame was already at her hands, since this was a turning point in her life. Her counterpart tried to take that chance, but during the trip her ticket lost leaving her with the chance to really be a star. She was finally elected to take up the role and she confessed how she really needed it.

4. Jonah Hex


It is both Wild West action movies and it about the grave revenge flick. Jonah is a civil war vet out for revenge against Quentin turnbull. Turnbull is the person who scared Jonah after killing his wife and son. He says that Jonah did the same to hid family. The drama goes on, Jonah now wants revenge against him, but the revenge mission worries her prostitute Megan fox who always enjoy good skin care treatment at her brothel. Megan displays a character of a whore who shows the traditional heart of pretence to be pure metal while she is not.

3. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen


Megan fox is really very smart to describe her popularity and sexy image in the movie revenge of the fallen. They came, transformed, slipped off, and now the remaining part is revenge. But Megan fox and Labeouf have to safe the world from the evil deception. The fallen wants that shard of the cube to help him jump start a doomsday machine. In this movie Megan does a fine job by escaping any explosive that may come her way. While Labeouf on the other hand has a couple of moments to try fix any error that is arising in the college. Implanted alien information comes spilling out at the college and he has to help out.

2. Transformers


Megan always displays a character that is attractive to the audience; they always find their way to the theatre. In the transformer movie Megan fox is dressed in skimpy clothes which already sell the brand of the movie. The movie has got both imaginations which come to reality. Transformer can be compared to a spectacular class of the huge and heavy metals titans, is really much fan than to watch the titans and cars being carried into the giant stalking robots.  The transformation really reminds one why young boys really enjoy watching the cars, because it’s their fan. The movie attracts each movie lover with Megan assuring if the best.

1. Jennifer’s Body


In this movie Megan shows a rough character of a teenage girl who seduces male students at her class. She then moves on and play with their minds. Every person engaged with her ends up regretting. Play with Jennifer’s body and you will end up with a lot of pain, she is not the type to play around with. She is like e cannibal who once done with you, she clears you out. She brings out the character of teenage girl and her character. The scripts in the movies are what inspired her to be part of the casting crew taking a character which does not rhyme with her real life.