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Mortality rates for every country vary depending on the population of each country. It also depends on the status of the country itself. Say for example, the country is a place where a current war is taking place, or had just taken place during that same year, and then the mortality rate would be exceedingly high. There are also other factors to consider, like the incidence of natural disasters, terrorist attack or an outbreak of a disease. Mortality rates of each country can also mean or present the effect of the responsiveness of the country, and how they have dealt with the situation. Here is the list of the top ten countries that have the highest mortality rates in one given year.



Ethiopia has been fighting to improve their struggling economy, and has also been working on decreasing their rate in infant mortality rate. Children in Ethiopia are either malnourished or born only to live for a few days, and die. They have been offered help and supervision so that they could have a well improved living, therefor decreasing their number of deaths per year. An unstable government, natural disasters, insufficient funds, and extreme poverty have been the cause of their increasing mortality rates. Since year 1990, child death rates have been decreased to 67%.



Pakistan is one of the countries that have the highest population, ranking at number six. In Pakistan, adultery is punishable by death; this policy serves as a contributing factor in increasing the country’s mortality rate. Another factor is also the increasing number of children or infants that are abandoned and left to die, most of this has been found out to be females. Mothers who do not survive during or after giving birth also contribute.



Despite of being one of the most striving countries in the world, Japan is also one of the countries who have a high rate in mortality rates. There are a lot of suicide cases in Japan, but the most causes of death are illness, Stroke as the number one cause followed by Influenza and Pneumonia, and on the third is Coronary Artery Disease.



Brazil may be one of the countries considered to be the most alive, and fun. It is a country that is a mixture of various races, a mixture of culture, that’s what makes the country as one of the most visited countries in the world. Brazil however, despite being a tourist spot, it is also in the list of the countries with the most death rates. As of year 2011, Brazil’s death rate is 6.38.



As of the 2010, the overall population of India is 237.6 million, and ranking as the sixth country with most death rates. The country has imposed that families follow family planning methods to lower their population. Despite all that efforts, Indonesia is still suffering from population growth. In year 2010, it has been reported that Indonesia’s death rate is 7.01, Ischaemic Heart disease as the leading cause of death, followed by respiratory infections and cerebrovascular disease.



Russia is the largest country in the world, and also one of the countries with highest population, ranking in the ninth spot. The start of the growing death rates started in the 1990’s, and some contributing factors include, alcohol abuse, the economic intervention “shock therapy”, dying of old age. Since the break-up of The Soviet Union, Russia’s population began to grow and it is also because of the break-up that the increase in death rate occurred. According to recent surveys just this year, Russia’s present population was estimated to be 143,500,000. Russia’s death rate as of year 2012 is an estimate of 14.1 deaths per 1,000 populations.



Throughout the years, Nigeria has strived hard for the improvement of their economy. Their economic status has improved, and they have risen in lower middle income status. Nigeria has made use of their natural resources in order to further improve their ways of living and economy. Like Russia, Nigeria is also one of the most populous countries in the world, ranking in seventh place. Their death rate is lower than their birth rate, and on 2006, it was estimated that Nigeria’s death rate was estimated to be 40.4 and 16.9 per 1,000 people. These deaths are caused by health issues, and standard way of living.

 3. U.S.A.


There is no denying that the United States of America is one of the most improved countries in the world, and also one of the most powerful countries. Nevertheless, U.S.A. is of no exception to a rising amount of death rates. Being one of the most powerful countries has a price; causes of deaths include death during war, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, and illnesses.



Ranking second as the most populous country in the world, with an estimated population of 1,210,193,422 as of year 2011, India has also been a striving country, with a steady economy. Their economy is worth $1.758 trillion as of year 2013, and is ranked as the 11th largest economy by market exchange rates. Despite owning a very expensive economy, and various studies about technology, India has suffered health-related issues. Causes of their increasing death rate are mostly because of pollution thereby leading Indians to acquire illnesses. India’s death rate as of year 2010 is 8.04 per 1,000 people.



Topping Nigeria as the most populous country in the world is China. Despite of their “one child” policy, China’s population is still growing. China is considered as “The Sleeping Dragon”, and is also one of the strongest countries in the world, striving and improving their economy. However, they top our list as the first country with most deaths. Despite innovating technology in their healthcare deliverance, China’s leading cause of death is believed to be malignant, neoplasms, followed by diseases of the heart, and cerebrovascular disease. China’s death rate as of year 2010 is reported to be 7.10 per 1,000 people.