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One of the most promising prize that all artists wants to have is the Nobel Prize Award.  It has so many category in terms of different fields of arts, sciences, Physiology, literature and economics.  The said award was derived by its name of Alfred Nobel, an artist of differentfields of studies.  When he died, he make some arrangement about the wealth that he have, one of that arrangement is to give honor and appreciation all people like him that love sciences and others.  One of the category that included by the said award is the literature  section, in which it started since the year of 1901, where it took place the first giving of award in the place of Sweden.  And if you want a recap of all the winners of the said category, well, here are some recap, below are the list of the recent winners of the NobelPrize award in literature.

10. Elfriede Jelinek, 2004

10-Elfriede Jelinek

The first of our list is an Austrian, her name is Elfriede Jelinek.  She won the Noble Prize award in the year 2004.  The writing that she wrote who makes the marks as the winners is the book entitled “The Piano Teacher”.  Most of her genre of writing is much more Feminism, social criticism and theatre.  Jelinek was born in the place of Austria, specifically Murzzuschiag, Styria of the year 1946 of the month of October the 20th.  Her current age is 67 years of old.  The winning piece of her to win the prize is her extraordinary Linguistic of skills and amazing power of writing and deliberating the piece.

9. Harold Pinter, 2005


Before he died on the year 2008, Harold Pinter, a writer, receive a remarkable award of his life; the famous award giving body named “Nobel Prize Award”.  The category of the said award is in the literature field.  The primary occupation of Harold are a writer, actor and a screenwriter.  His nationality is a British national, this man was born on the year of 1930 of October the 10th and died in the following year after he received such kind award.  The piece that he make that took him to won the prize is the literature he wrote entitled “Companion of Honour”.

8. Orhan Pamuk, 2006


In the age of 61, this man name Orhan Pamuk received many awards of his life.  He is a Turkish national, in which his primary work of routine in his daily life is a novelist and a professor of literature in the School of Columbia University.  Orhan was born in the 7th day of June 1952, in the place of Istanbul Turkey.  He received the said award in the year 2006 as he wrote and make to inspire his winning writing piece entitled “Dark and light”.  Most of the genres he usually wrote is more on novel.  His real name is Ferit Orhan Pamuk.

7. Doris Lessing, 2007


With a pen name Jane Somers, this brilliant women name Doris Lessing is one of the many person had been received such an honor of the famous award name Nobel Prize Award.  Her real name is Doris May Tayler, she was born in the place of Kermanshan Iran on the 22nd day of October 1919.  Doris current age is 94, but still making inspiration to the many people who read her writings.  Most of the genres she love to write is more on drama, biography and novel fields.  Lessing received the Nobel Prize Award in the year 2007, with her winning piece entitled “The grass is singing”, where in fact, it also won on the other remarkable awards like Premio Grinzane Cavour Prize.

6. Jean-Marie Gustave LeClézio, 2008


A French national writer is our next on the list of the recent winners for the Nobel Prize Award.  His name is Jean Marie Gustav Le Clezio, he was born in the place of France, specifically in “Nice” country.  Jean started writing in the year 1963 until this day, and most of the genres he mostly wrote about is more on short story, Novel and essay.  He received the Nobel Prize Award in the year 2008, with his winning piece that inspire more of the French people is the novel literature entitled “Le Proces-Verbal, Desert”.

5. Herta Muller, 2009


Born in the place of Romania, specifically Nitchidorf, Timis County, this women name Herta Muller is our 5th of the list.  The date of her birth is on the 17th day of August 1953.  In the age of 60 years of age, This German women named Herta consistently working as a Novelist and a poet.  And resulting for an honor for her brilliant work, Herta received an award from the Nobel Prize Award in the year 2009.  The winning piece of her that makes a mark of the Nobel Prize awardee is the writing that she wrote entitled “The passport and the Hunger angel”.

 4. Mario Vargas Llosa, 2010


In our 4th of the list is a citizen of the place of Spain.  His name is Mario Vergas Llosa.  He won the Nobel Prize Award in the year 2010.  Born in the year of 1936 of the month of March the 28th, Mario has a current age of 77 years of age.  Mario is a good and excellent writer, in fact, he won many title awards of his life as a writer; one of the many awards that he received is the Miguel de Crevantes Prize and the Order of the Aztec Eagle Award.

 3. Tomas Transtromer, 2011


Another Nobel Prize awardee from the place of Stockholm, Sweden.   His name is Tomas Transtromer, where his real complete name is Tomas Gosta Transtromer.  Tomas is a psychologist and at the same time a poet.  He won the Nobel Prize Award in the year of 2011, in his winning piece entitled “The Half-Finished Heaven and the Windows and Stones”.  His current age as of this year is 82 years of age, Tomas started writing a poet since 1954 but mostly he stopped in doing it, due for his health and current job.

2. Mo Yan, 2012


Our 2nd of the list of the recent winners of the Nobel Prize Award is a Chinese national name Guan Moye, he has a pen name that he usually used every time he writes as Moyan.  Guan was born in the place of China, specifically Gaomi, Shandong, his birth date is February 17, 1955.  With a current age of 58 years of age, Guan continuously inspire many people, especially Chinese.  His primary occupation is a writer and a teacher.  Guan finishes a course of a Master Degree of Literature and Arts in the School of Beijing Normal University.  He won the Nobel Prize Awards in the year 2012, with his mater writing piece entitled “Red Sorghum Clan”.

1. Alice Munro, 2013


And now for our top 1st of the list of the Nobel Prize Award is Alice Munro.  From the place of Wingham, Orlando Canada is the country where Alice was born.  Her real name is Alice Ann Laidlaw.  Alice is one of the finest and brilliant author in her time and until now, in fact, most of her books that she wrote are one of the bestselling books in town.  Most of the genres Alice wroteinto, is more of a short stories.  She take the award recently this year for the best writer in the literature field of arts.