THE Biggest Air Crashes in the last Decade (TOP) 10

THE Biggest Air Crashes in the last Decade (TOP) 10

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 In the reality of our life, accident seems difficult to predict.  Sometimes it happens in a situation where our mind do not think on unexpected happenings, but for sure we know how to be aware and to avoid dangerous ways that will affect our human lives.  However, accidents just got real to be happen.  And the cause of all this failure and accidents are come by faults.  In this articles, you will now see the greatest accident that marks our history, due to the faults of humanity and negligence of their offices.  Here’s the top 10 biggest air crash in the history of aeronautics.

10.  Air New Zealand Flight 901 (1979)


Our first in the list as the top 10 listed in our numbering, the accident in the year 1979 of a plane name Air New Zealand Flight 901.  This accident is the out crying of all people ever accident happen in the said year, in which the plane crashes in the region or mountains of Antarctica and the plane goes into pieces that results of scattering the dead bodies in the nearby mountains.  In a weather of the coldest place on earth, there is no human will endure that kind of cold.  The passenger where totaled of at least 237 and a crew of 20 persons, they all died while the plane crashes.

9.  Nigeria Airways Flight 2120 (1991)


In the year 1991, happens an accident that makes a mark of death of at least 261 people.  The said fatalities are passengers of a plane named “Flight 2120 Nigeria Airways”.  The accident occurs when the engines overheated in the time of flying and then it makes a fire while they make an emergency landing, but unfortunately, they’ve never have the safety, because the fire went wild.  The operator of the said plane is the Nationair of Nigeria Airways.

8.  China Airways Flight 140 (1994)


Another plane crashes that happens in the year 1994, involving the plane of china named “China Airways Flight 140”, that was been operated by the China Airlines.  The said accident occurs due to a human error, when the pilot makes a wrong move.  However, the accident went gone worse, with a fatalities of at least 264 people, luckily there were survivors of that crashed; the number of them are at least 7 survivors and 7 injured.

 7.  American Airlines Flight 587 (2001)


In the year 2001, month of November the 12th day an accident occur.  The American Flight 587 Airlines have crashed that causes of number of people dies of the said accident, with the other number of crew and pilots were deceased of that said moment.  The cause of the crashed is the tail structures was fail to comply the command of the pilot that makes the turbulence weakened.  The operator of the said airlines is the American Airlines.

6.  American Airlines Flight 191 (1979)


Our next biggest crashes in the airways is the American Airlines Flight 191.  It is being known as the deadliest and most tragic accident in the year 1979, where there are no survivors left and has a casualties in terms of fatalities of more than 258 and above.  The aircraft type is categorizes as the McDonnell Douglas DC-10-10.  The allegedly cause of the crashing is due to the negligence of maintenance crew of ensuing the safeties’ of the engines to fly and parts of the plane.  The destination of the plane before it crashes is going to Los Angeles International Airport.

5.  Saudia Arabian Flight 163 (1980)


Our top 5 of the list of the biggest crashed in the field of aeronautics is the Flight 163 of the Saudia Arabian Airways.  The accident site was in the place of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and has a fatalities of more than 301 people including the pilots and the crew.  The cause of the said crashed is due to the pilot error, where one of the cargo section flamed that cause much damage in the plane.  The origin flight destination of the plane is going to Quaid-e-Azam Int’l Airport.

4.  Turkish Airlines Flight 981 (1974)


The cause of the crashed of our next biggest crashed in the history of aeronautics’, is due to the failure of the door of the plane that creates an explosion and crashes all the control system of the plane.  The fatalities of the said accident are at least 346 people, including the crew.  They were no survivors of that plane.  It all happens in the year of 1974, month of March the 3rd day.

 3.  Charkhi Dadri Mid-Air Collision (1996)


Our third of the list is the collision of the two plane in the air.  It just so happened when the Flight 763 of Saudi Arabian Airlines and the Flight 1907 of the Kazakhstan Airlines where collided both and makes a many causes of deaths of all the passengers in the said both flight.  The fault of the said tragic event is from the pilot of the Saudi Arabian Airlines, where he mistaken to track the way of the other plane that makes a big bang to both of them.  They were no survivors left, aside from the debris falling from the skies.

2.  Japan Airlines Flight 123 (1985)


Our 2nd of the biggest crashes in an airway field, is the accident that occurs in the year 1985 that involves the plane name “Japan Airlines Flight 123”.  With its fatalities of people of at least 520 individuals, survivors of 4 people and a causes of crashes is due to the negligence and error of the crew; surely this one is the biggest and most fatal incident happens in Japan in the field of aeronautics’.  The operator of the said plane is the Japan Airlines, the site of the accident occurs in the place of Mount Osutaka-no-one.

1.  Tenerife Airport Disaster (1977)


Now here’s our top 1’s biggest crashers in the aviation fields.  The said incident occurs in the year 1977 of March, the site of the accident is in the Airport of Los Rodeos is the country of Spain. The said accident have resulted of a tragic to the lives of the passengers, where there are at least 583 died on the one of the plane and a survivors that has an injury of at least a number of 61 people.  On the other plane casualties, there were numbered as of at least 248 and no survivors listed. The cause of the said accident was to be blamed by the pilot, in which the pilot lacked communication to the tower and besides of that, the negligence of the staff of the airport that has the runway unstable to accept planes in that time.  The category name of the two planes that was collided in the said airport is the Flight Boeing 747-121 Plane type.