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His real name is Edward Christopher Sheeran, a 22 year old English singer, and songwriter. He rose to fame in the music world when he released his first album, “+” under Asylum Records on 2011, which includes chart-topping songs, “The A Team”, and “Lego House”. He is known for his look, red hair, green eyes, rugged dress code, and guitar. By 2012, Sheeran started working with award-winning country-pop singer, Taylor Swift, he also wrote songs for the English boy band, One Direction, and since then became known to the United States. His songs are widely known to be acoustic, mixed with grime and folk. If you think “The A Team” and “Lego House” are the only songs he is popular with, think again. Here are the ten songs by Ed Sheeran who has captured the hearts, souls, and attention of the music industry.

 10. “You Need Me, I Don’t Need You”


The song was written by Sheeran himself, and is the second single for his first album with Warner Music Group. It was released on 2011 in UK. The song is the second and re-written version of Sheeran’s song “You Need Me”. It was revised, and was re-recorded with a new, and improved beat. It ranked number four in the UK Singles Chart. The music video of the song came out on YouTube on July 2011, directed by Emil Nava.

 9. “Drunk”


“Drunk” is Sheeran’s fourth single in his debut album. It was released by Warner Music Group on February 2012. During its debut, it ranked number 63, and later on ranked in number 9 as its top peak. The coming out of the music video was announced by Sheeran himself via Twitter. It has two music videos, one Sheeran going out and about in town with his cat, getting drunk because of a break-up, and the second was mixed clips of his UK tour.

 8. “Kiss Me”


It is written by Ed Sheeran and two other song writers. The song has passionate lyrics, telling a story about bestfriends falling in love, the boy falling first, the girl on the other hand took a while to realize her feelings, and eventually falls in love with the boy as well. It has a slow, quite beat, and emphasizing on Sheeran’s voice. It was well accepted by his fans, it was also featured in the popular vampire television series, “The Vampire Diaries”.

 7. “Wake Me Up”


The song was written by Ed Sheeran and Jake Gosling, and Sheeran would often be heard by saying that he wrote this song while he was drunk. The song is about a one sided relationship where in the guy is very much in love with the girl. It is included in Ed Sheeran’s debut album “+” released by the Warner Music Group.

6. “Wish You Were Here”


Originally by the rock band Pink Floyd, it was released in 1975, and Ed Sheeran sang this during the closing of the 2012 Olympics. It was received with mixed reviews and caused a little argument between the Pink Floyd fans and Ed Sheeran fans. Sheeran’s fans, mostly young adults, thought of the song as a new single by Ed Sheeran, not knowing about the band Pink Floyd and how they have performed it in the 1970’s. The Pink Floyd fans lashed out, and went furious over the fans of the young singer, song writer.

5. “Lego House”


Ed Sheeran wrote this song along with two other song writers, Jake Gosling, and Chris Leonard. It is the third single in his first album, and was released two months before the end of 2011. This is his first song that was included in BBC Radio, and ranked number five in the UK Singles, and peaked number 42 in the US Billboard Hot 100. The song’s music video stars popular Harry Potter movie actor Rupert Grint, who, like Sheeran, was also a red head, fans said they really had quite a resemblance. Rupert Grint in the end of the music video was revealed to be an obsessive Ed Sheeran fan.

4. “Give Me Love”


This song is Sheeran’s last single for his debut album. It was released a year later after “Lego House”, and was written by Ed Sheeran himself and co-written by Jake Gosling and Chris Leonard again. The song gained so much attention as it also appeared in popular television series such as, “The Vampire Diaries”, “Cougar Town”, “Dangerous Liaisons”, and “Home and Away”. It peaked at number 18 in the UK Singles, and number 20 in the US Rock Singles.

3. “No Diggity vs Thrift Shop”


Ed Sheeran made a cover of the 1996 song by R&B group Blackstreet, and maship it up with the latest song from Mackelmore’s “Thrift Shoft”, along with his friend Passenger in the Australian show “FIFI & Jules”. His fans went crazy, saying that this was his best cover, surpassing his cover for the song “Pony” by Ginuwine. A lot of fans were attracted to the way Sheeran sang the lyrics of the R&B song.

2. “The A Team”


The song is co-written by popular artists such as the frontman of the band One Republic, and Jesse McCartney. It is the lead single of his debut album “+”, and it brought him success, by peaking at number 3 in the UK Singles, and number 16 in the US Billboard Hot 100. It was certified platinum in the US selling a total of 1,000,000 million copies. Because of its success and acceptance from almost all countries in the world, it earned Ed Sheeran his first Grammy nomination as Song of the Year.

 1. “Everything Has Changed”


The song appeared in the fourth album of award-winning country, pop singer Taylor Swift, entitled “Red”, and was written by both Swift and Ed Sheeran. The fans of both artists received the song well during its release. The song features romantic and sweet lyrics, almost as if Swift and Sheeran were serenading each other. The music video was similarly sweet as the song, and was as well accepted nicely by the fans. It features two kids in school with similar resemblance to Swift and Sheeran. They became close friends, and by the end of the video, were revealed that the boy is Ed Sheeran’s son, and the girl is Taylor Swift’s daughter. The song peaked at number 7 in the UK Singles, and number 32 in the Billboard Hot 100.