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We are here in a world wherein technology controlled our lifestyle. Everything here keeps on upgrading and innovating. If we compare the past and the present, it is very different. Example, many decades ago, the most common way of communicating to your love ones is by means of sending letters to others. Now, due to the succession of technology, we never use this type of communication. Instead, we use our telephones and internet. This is why we need to go along to these changes.

One of the most common but the most useful product of technology is our phones. But as you notice also, those things change over the time passed. Why? It is to satisfy the consumers’ needs and likes. This is the reason why there are lots of companies who manufactured different phones with different features. One of the biggest companies who rule to the world of technology is LG. And now, the LG brings their new release smartphone that will surely you like it; the LG G3. Compare to LG G2, they added new features to this smartphone. In this article, it will show the features brought by LG G3. If you are planning to buy a new phone, why don’t take a look and think about this phone? We don’t want to keep you waiting to know the trend. Let’s start!

10. Kill Switch


Did you experience that someone sole your phone? What did you felt? Did you felt nervous and afraid? It is normal, and you will feel more nervous and afraid if you r phone is new, expensive or maybe you have personal files that stored on your phone. It is no problem to LG G3. Thanks to its added feature; Kill Switch. What can Kill Switch do for you? Using this feature, if your phone stole, you can lock your LG G3 and protect your personal files. Also, to make sure that the one who stole your phone will not sell your LG phone, you can put permanent lock. This will protect your phone from selling.

9. Smart Notice


It is one of the newest features of LG G3. Smart Notice is a program which gives some notifications that will allow you for easier tasks. It performs like Google in your mobile. One example is when a person always calls you but it is not registered to your contacts. Even though this program almost new, we cannot still say that this is a perfect program. But according to the expert, this feature has a potential to be one of the most useful programs in the smartphones.

8. Smart Keyboard


Are you always feeling disgusted because instead that the letter you want to type is different to the letter you type? It is one of the most common problems in almost all of the android keyboards. This is why different keyboards apps are available to Google Playstore and other android playstore. But this type of suffering will be ended by the LG G3. Why? Smart Keyboard is a feature of LG which help you to type words. You can resize the keyboard according to your fingers. Also, it will notice if you always mistake in typing letters. Example, because A and S are two of the most useable letters but A and beside S, sometimes, instead of A, we typed S. The Smart Keyboard will help with that problem. Let’s thank to LG G3!

7. Built-in 1W Speaker


According to the consumer, one of their criteria in choosing a smartphone is if the speaker of that phone is good. Everyone wants to enjoy listening music or videos. LG G3 brings as the best built-in speaker for enjoyable sound trip. LG knows that the consumers want a high quality sounds. So it is why LG G3 has a high quality sounds with boost AMP. So if you are disappointed in listening not so good sounds, why don’t you try to listen music with LG G3? It gives you clearer tones and sounds. We are sure that you will satisfy your needs in terms of entertainment.

6. Powerful Hardware


Having powerful hardware is one of the prides of LG G3. With is 2.5GHz squad core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 SoC, you can now enjoy to use LG G3. In terms of running, it has 2GB of RAM in 16GB phone and 3GB RAM for 32GB, and also, you can put microSD so can put more files to your phone. For those who love to play games with their android phone, you can enjoy more games with this phone. Why? LG G3 brings you Android 4.4 KitKat. LG G3 can last longer with its 3000mAh removable battery that will make sure that the phone will not shut down faster. You will also enjoy the fast response of LG G3. We sure you will love it.

5. Redesigned User Interface


For those who owned a LG G2, I guessed you enjoy that phone. If you loved LG G2, we are very sure that you will love LG G3 more. Why? It is because of its redesigned user interface. In LG G3, the interface is much simple and it is good for multi-tasker. Also, unlike in LG G2, some of the preloaded apps of LG G3 such as FM radio and Calculator can uninstall. It is impossible to do in your LG G2. In Gallery section, you will see larger thumbnails than the gallery of LG G2.Do you amaze? You will more amaze if you will buy LG G3 and explore more.

4. Floating Arc Design


Anot6her factor that will give you reason to love this phone is because of its floating arc design. If you like the new user interface of LG G3, you will like it more because of how its look. The design and the slim of LG G3 will give you more confidence on your friends. The keys at the back of the phone retain but in newer look or style. LG G3 comes with five vibrant colours: white, black, gold, violet and red. So can now choose colour for phone. You can now show to your friends and encourage them also to buy it. So we can say that in terms of designs, it’s a winner!

3. Camera


This is what we want to know. How about the camera? Isn’t good? Everyone wants to keep the memories that day. For us to review those happy memories, we need cameras. We are sure that you will enjoy taking pictures all day because of 13 camera of LG G3. But the unique to its camera is the laser-associated autofocus. It brings you fast autofocus that will make you photo clearer, just like a real photographer. For selfie lovers, the 2.1 MP front camera with wider lens angle will make you enjoy taking pictures with more friends. Also, because of the screen acting like a flash will give brighter shots.

2. Screen


Are you playing games in your phone? The 5.5 inches Quad HD screen will make you enjoy playing your favourite games such as Temple Run games, Candy Crush Saga, and many more games, and also, in watching videos. But you may ask, ‘What did the Quad HD means?’ We know that the amount of pixels of HD is 720p. So it means that Quad HD gives four times the standard amount of pixels for HD. You can now enjoy watching videos or movies like you are watching in a cinema. It brings you all of this by LG G3 phone. So try it now!

1. Other Features


Did you impress on what LG G3 brings for the consumers? We cannot tackle all the features of this phone. There are some features that also make your phone advance than others. Let’s give some. Knock Code is a feature in which to wake up your phone, you just need to tap the screen according to the set pattern. It is different to the unclocking features of other phone. Wireless Charging will power your battery without using a wired charger. QuickCircle case, that is for LG G3 only, will make your tasks at your phone easier by accessing frequently used functions without opening the case. These are some features that will satisfy you as a consumer.

In listing down some important and useful features, did you feel yourself that you want to have it? Don’t worry. You will not regret to this phone. It is easy to use and operate, and also, you can do lot of things with LG G3. Why don’t you try LG G3 to know the specialties that this phone brings?