Cable vs Network

Cable vs Network

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Television might be just the best part of the house which also makes every member of the family make a bond while watching. But for the people who have second thinking on which to choose between a cable TV and a network TV, one must understand the difference of the two.

These two bring entertainment on every home, but they have their own differences which might be ideal for every household’s requirement and capability. Back when signal reception was bad, and the network TV was at its solo prime, the cable TV was introduced. The network TV is the program that brings various programs to the home televisions through radio frequencies, which is why antennas are placed on top of the roofs. While the cable TV delivers a variety of programs to each household televisions through the metallic cable wires. The advantage of a cable TV is that it can deliver numerous programs clearly but cable companies require regular payments. The network TV, on the other hand, is absolutely free from any charges because it is free delivering programs through the air, but the problem is, the program delivery lacks in purity and clarity of images and limited program channels.


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