Quality and Stylish Watch Brands

Quality and Stylish Watch Brands

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For a brand to appear as outstanding we have to check the characteristics that surround it. This you do by looking at the marketing mix. The marketing mix consists of product, price, promotion and place. Product is an important element in the mix because it is what pushes the consumer in decision making process. The product has to be good because this is what will drive the customer to keep going for the product. Place is where you sell your watch. For example a big brand like Emporio Armani Watch should be found in a number of Armani shops. We also have to be careful about price because if the price is too low then the customer might think that the watch is not worthy and not buy it and if it is too high, they might not buy it. Promotion is also another element which should be considered for those companies who do not have a strong brand name. The following watches are inexpensive but because of their durability and quality they sell out.

10. Seiko $45


In the top ten Watch Brands, Seiko $45 is position 10. This is a lovely watch which is stylist in nature. It is an automatic mechanical watch. This means that it does not use batteries; it is powered automatically by the movement of the wearer’s arm. The automatic watch should be wound properly so that time keeping is accurate. It is water-resistant to 30m (99 feet). If you want your Seiko watch to function well then you should wear it for at least 8 hours or more per day or wind the main spring by turning the crown manually. The watch is accurate for the price.

9. Citizen, $45


In the top ten Watch Brands, Citizen, $45 is position 9. This is a great watch that can take time before it gets spoilt. It has a new batteries txt 3616157. The watch company was established in 1924 and since then it has become a notorious watch dealer. Citizen Watch Company sponsors athletic events like US Open and World Figure Skating. This type of watch is affordable without compromising quality. The watch has a stylish design. This wrist watch is an accessory as well as a fashion statement. From this watch, time keeping is made an art form with innovation and technology. The watch brand is still the best timepiece on every wrist

8. Fossil, $80


In the top Watch Brands, Fossil $80 is position 8. This is a water resistant watch. It has a silver dial, Stainless Steel case and bracelet; it has a scratch resistant mineral. This watch brings both a ‘modern vintage’ style and exceptional value to the person who loves the watch. The design team behind the band has transformed watches from a merely functional item to a chic and stylish must-have fashion items. Most of the designs feature modern brown or smoked ion-plating have been combined with classic style resulting in an updated take on the traditional designs.

7. Casio, $80


In the top Watch Brands, Casio $80 is position 7. This watch is 100% authentic. It is a brand new watch with one year of warranty. This watch allows data storage such as telephone numbers, email addresses and also a calculator. The Men’s Resin Case Shock resistant watch has an auto calendar, Hourly time signal and a Daily alarm. The watch also has 10 pages telememo, 10 day counters Nylon Strap Mineral Crystal Japanese Quartz, Movement easy to read LCD Display Electronic luminescent Backlight with afterglow and 100m Water Resistant.

6. Gucci, $200


In the top Watch Brands, Gucci $200 is position 6. These watches are well designed to enhance one’s self esteem and boosts one’s ego. These watches invite awe and admiration from everyone. The signature label was launched at the beginning of the 19th century. The Italian brand is owned by the French company PPR. Gucci has proven to be a winner in the watch segment. Gucci has a spectacular finish and style. The Gucci watch of $200 is well designed to meet the pockets of those who love Gucci but cannot afford the expensive ones that go for $1000. The Gucci $200 watch comes in variety and is very affordable to both men and women.

5. Rado, $300


In the top Watch Brands, Rado $300 is position 5. Rado is a Swiss manufacturer of watches with its headquarters in Switzerland. This watch has a scratch-proof material. It is highly designed with designers who are creative. The watch is made of hard metal, ceramics, lanthanum and sapphire crystal. There is the new look of Rado watch which is appreciated by everyone that’s why the Rado $300 though lower has attracted a huge number of customers both men and women.

4. TAG heuer, $300

4-TAG heuer

In the top Watch Brands, TAG heuer $300 is position 4. This is an anti scratch curved sapphire crystal watch with a double anti-reflective treatments for better readability. Luminescent faceted hands and indexes are hand applied and coated with luminescent material for enhanced visibility in the dark or underwear. It has polished brown and push-buttons. The running second is 9. Water resistant to 100m.To clean this watch make sure that the crown is fully screwed down. Clean it with soft brush then dry it if you doubt its water resistance. Do not use chemical products.

3. Omega, $400


In the top Watch Brands, Omega $400 is position 3. The Ladies watch has a beautiful appearance. It has a brown dial and the Bezel is made of stainless steel with a black leather strap. The top surface is made of mineral glass. Dial dimensions is 31mm and weighs 46gram. The movement is Japanese Quartz Movement. Its chrono function is hour at 3, running second at 6 and minute at 9 positions. The back has a solid case with insignia. The price of this watch is unbeatable and because of this, it is an eye catcher.

2. Swatch, $450


In the top Watch Brands, Swatch $450 is position 2. This is an out of stock 1983 Vintage Swatch Watch. Its diameter case is 33mm. Its water resistance is 30 meter/ 100 feet. When you purchase it, you get a new battery installed and a plastic box with instructions included. It can be purchased online, just fill an online form then answer a few questions and press ok and wait. There is a multi-colored lenticular dial which changes with the movement of your arm.

1. Rolex, $500


In the top Watch Brands, Rolex $500 is position 1. Rolex watches take first position because they are recognized worldwide and are most synonymous with perfection and elegance. Having been first established in 1908 the Rolex $500 is the epitome of luxury in timepieces. It has the best style and elegance. Since it is not so expensive its quality prestige and class make eyes turn when they come across it. Rolex has by far produced over the years, the finest watches. That’s why Rolex $500 is still being admired by everyone. It has a warranty of one year