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Glee has been a top rated musical-comedy TV series. They aired four seasons of Glee packaging different stories and music. Supposedly, a season five of Glee shall be aired on television but with an unexpected death of Cory Monteith, one of the original Glee casts, the airing was hold.

Glee had the best renditions ever. Their revivals are most-talk. Lots of vocal groups are copying their styles, songs, blending and over-all production. Purposes are for competitions or just simply a presentation.

If Glee had 10 best songs, it also had the best must watch 10 episodes from all seasons. You can laugh, cry, hate, or even get mad on the different scenarios shown on their four seasons of airing. Friendship and love were involved or I might say, bottom line of Glee series. If you are not a fan of Glee, then I suggest you to watch their best episodes. After that, try to ask yourselves if you do not like them or maybe you have a change of mind.

Well, everything on Glee is the best. But the best of all the best are as follows;

10. Audition (Season 2)


On the tenth place of the must watch Glee episodes. Audition had become reality recruitment for individuals who want to be a part of Glee. They pursued on looking for a new members after they loss the competition on Nationals. Some of them disagree but still, the majority won and wanted to have newbie for their club.

They made changes on the club, new members, new activities, new relationships and new stories.

9. Funeral (Sesaon 2)


Funeral is the twenty-first episode of Glee’s season two.

In this episode, they discovered New Directions’ talents and judged members audition for the soloist on Nationals set list. Sue’s sister died unexpectedly so the glee club members helped Sue to plan for the funeral.

They covered five songs and revived it into new twist versions. Funeral received different reviews, both positive and negative opinions.

8. Never Been Kissed (Season 2)


Had the least views but still one of the best episodes of Glee. This is the sixth episode of Glee second season.

This episode focused on concerning bullying that spanned the rest of the season. It coincided with a spate of suicide among cowed youths, that reportedly gave the solid and crew extra inspiration to try to their best work. They covered six songs – 4 songs with 2 mash-ups and others were free as singles. Criss’ cowl of Teenage Dream was notably well received and had become the primary Glee single.

7. New York (Season 2)


The twenty-second episode and finale of Glee second season is New York.

The episode options Associate in nursing look by Patty Lupone as herself and guest stars Groff, Cheyenne Jackson and Charice. The New Directions performs at the National Choir Show competition and finishes twelfth place.

The episode, and also the musical performances featured, received mixed reviews from critics, whereas variety of scenes was praised, as well as the epilogue. The first songs within the competition were met with a large vary of opinions, as were most of the covers. Five original songs and five covers were performed.

This episode was such a nice one.

6. Prom Queen (Season 2)


This is the Glee second season’s twentieth episode. In “Prom Queen”, the McKinley highschool society New Directions is broached to supply the music for the school’s junior promenade. The episode shows myriad dramas close a highschool promenade, with the high stakes race for promenade king and queen that involves five members of the society, students scrambling to seek outfits, and therefore the delights and disappointments of the promenade itself. The musical performances were praised more than the episode itself.

5. Journey (Season 1)


Journey or most likely known as Journey to Regional is the finale episode of Glee’s season 1. There are lots of happenings in this episode; Finn (Cory Monteith) and Rachel (Lea Michelle) rebuild their relationship, Quinn (Dianna Agron) gave birth to her child, and director Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison) expressed her love to the guidance counselor, Emma Pillsbury (Jayma Mays).

There was an extended play for this episode and they cover nine songs for it. It was during this season where they put “Don’t Stop Believin’” on the top charts. It really became famous. It also became the theme song for those who dream. The title said it all, Do Not Stop Believing.

4. Grilled Cheesus (Season 2)


This episode got the 4th most watch Glee episodes from all seasons. Ever been wondered why this episode is entitled “Grilled Cheesus”? Well, Cheesus is just a combination of cheese and Jesus.

The late Cory Monteith who played as Finn Hudson believed that he just saw the face of Jesus in the grilled cheese sandwich his eating. Finn, who honored Jesus, encouraged other members to join him in honoring Jesus through songs.

This episode focused on the dark times of the Glee members. They have their own problems and trials. They offered everything to Jesus through singing hopeful songs. Everything has its own reason. Everything is in God’s plan. These will all be heal and solve in God’s time if we just have to believe and have faith in Him.

3. Blame it on the Alcohol (Season 2)


This is indeed one of the best Glee episodes had ever been made. They delivered very important messages to its viewers on underage drinking and alcohol. Delivering it like story telling is a boring session but Glee had it on an entertaining and fun way of reminding everyone. Too much drinking of alcoholic drinks is bad to our health.

Songs used on this episode was amazing. The Glee casts gone wild as they sung Blame it, My Headband, Tik Tok, Don’t You Want Me and One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer. The casts who did this episode became different types of drinker; there are happy drunk, stripper drunk, angry drunk, weepy-hysterical drunk and needy drunk. These people are the female Glee members.

Well this episode became a lesson to all the viewers’ especially minor children not to drink alcohol.

2. The Power of Madonna (Season 1)


This is the fifteenth episode on the Glee season 1. They featured a Madonna-themed ambience to empower female members. This serves as a musical tribute to Madonna which covers eight of her famous songs. This episode received many positive reviews.

The concept of making Madonna songs sound new was very amazing. They had it so beautifully done. The choices of the songs was uniquely sung and showed to the people. Everything was pretty good. The sequence of the song was great. Glee had a very good job in this episode.

1. Britney / Brittany (Season 2)


Britney or Brittany is the highlight episodes on the second season of the American TV series, Glee. This episode pays tribute to Britney Spears, as they sung all her top hits.

Heather Morris who portrayed Brittany S. Pierce was a Glee club member. She had a hallucination of creating Spears moments, who later became the fan favorite.

Since this episode is a tribute to Spears, she makes several cameos on the episode. She is most likely to appear in the student’s dream sequences. Her appearance received different critics but then turns out into a good outcome. Morris who characterized Brittany is such a funny person. She knows how to make you laugh and remember her all the time.

This episode rally gets the best views of all Glee episodes.