Met ball 2014: Top 10 Best Dressed from the night.

Met ball 2014: Top 10 Best Dressed from the night.

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The top ten best dressed ladies for the night are listed below; they are superstars with each one having a different form of possession. Dressed by top fashion houses in the country they all look stunning in front of the camera. The met ball is an event which brings out the top fashion houses to the light of great audience that turned out to have a look at it. The designers at the top house always know the best an audience will want to see, they use superstars to reflect their perfect work and their sales will definitely increase through this superstars. The top best dressed usually takes the night with every concentration pulled to their direction. Their body shapes fits the clothes and hence everyone could want the clothes to also look stunning like a real superstar. The ladies always have a way to indulge the audience in the purchase of the dresses from great fashion houses.

10. Diane Kruger

9-Diane Kruger

The Meta ball 2014 brought her all up to the event to showcase the beautiful side of fashion, being among the top dressed personality, increase her fame and the chance to really sell the fashion line of the dress. Introduced to the cameras as the best, she wins the crowd with her gorgeous smile which brings the attention that she is the best person to take the title of the top dressed. Her fine body could not sneak off the eye of the camera which showed the part of the dress. Beautifully dressed gave her the chance to top the list of the best dressed.

9. Jessica Alba

8-Jessica Alba

An actress, a model dressed to bring the image to reality. The inspiration that really came with her dressing code is something not to forget not even for a moment. It does not sneak from the crowd. Her best moves make her win the crowd and takes fashion to a higher level. The designers are given a great bravo for whatever they do, they create fashions that are culminating and up to the task. She made sure to give that due credit to the fashion house and every one really appreciates the good work by her. The Meta ball 2014 gave her the best chance.

8. Emma Stone

7-Emma Stone

A model and an actress she no doubt had to dress beautiful dressed in her best she really looked gorgeous and the best side of fashion is definitely evident from her. The Meta ball 2014 brought her to her real fans, who always wanted to see her face to face. She caught the eyes of the cameras and all the energy was the best thing to offer to the crowd and feed them with whatever they want to hear about fashion, where to get the best dresses like hers and who actually will dress them they way they did to her.

7. Kim Kardashian

6-Kim Kardashian

A legendary, a reality TV show superstar must dress to actually kill the crowd. She offered the best side of her and that of the fashion industry. She is eyes of many fashion lovers, walking through the red carpet captured a large group of onlookers, who actually want to capture the essence of good fashion. The energy in the Meta ball 2014 is the best thing to experience and enjoy, the way she dressed impresses and makes the crowd want a little piece of her for the party. Giving the best side of her to the attendant she really looked stunning and beautifully dressed by top fashion house with their perfect design.

6. Beyoncé

When the name goes on her, all you want to do is wake up and dance to her beautiful songs, practice her moves, or sing along to her angelic voice. But that is not enough, her body structure makes you stare, dressed at the Meta ball 2014, she really kills the crowd. She is an amazing musician, evident through her gracious voice and the crowd that is always behind her. Every show she makes is the greatest and all time. She actually represented a group of expertise designers, the ones who dressed her really knew how stunning she will look and that all people will lead towards the purchase of that beautiful dress. She has a great number of followers that is why she never lets them down and she does her best to continue embracing the fashion industry.

5. Blake Lively

4-Blake Lively

Actresses are always people seen as role models. Their acting techniques makes one wish that it was her who I really acting and not Blake. Her engagement to the Meta ball 2014 is to actually make sure that the brand sells and nothing less comes from her. Her energy is strong and representation in the camera is amazing. She knows how to showcase the brand with great knowledge of where to concentrate her energy. From the scenes to reality is the perfect way a fashion house can showcase its talent and products from great designers. The product will definitely sell for a higher price and the fame will be hers too.

4. Cara Delavigne

4-Cara Delavigne

Judging her from her steps you will definitely know the type of person she is and all the required energy is right there at her feet. Her swinging body always shows the work of a professional designer, who made the dress she always makes her moves with. Modeling is always a great career and the best shape and height is on the look for best people, luckily she has all the characteristics and that’s what makes her fit for the meta ball 2014, to present the fashions house great design. She brings out the great energy models usually have and the crowd engagement is perfect.

3. Leighton Meester


Dressed to her best looks Leighton meester the singer and actress was looking fabulous, with all the cameras directed to her side, she is actually here to do the best and nothing less. She impresses the crowd and brings the house down with her gorgeous body fit in a fabulous dress. With her great energy she brings the house down without fear of anything that may come around from media, who are also on toes to bring her to the lame light. Her smile is the way to go every time she steps into the red carpet; the crowd will definitely turn all the eyes to the pretty singer.

2. Gisele Bündchen


Dressed in an amazing dress this great model represents fine modeling industry. It is always up to her task to do an amazing job to sell the fashion design of any industry. As a model all her energy will be required to really hold up a good image, to gracefully engage the crowd with the superb model body. She is dressed with the clothes from high designers across the continent. The cameras would probably be chasing her everywhere she moves and that is probably what it takes to be an image of the world and the top model, to represent real business.

1. Victoria Beckham

1-Victoria Beckham

Victoria beck ham always on the top of the game to impress the audience that came in large to have a piece of the cake on how the beauties are dressed. The fashion houses always dresses the beauties to make sure that their product has a positive view from the audience. She made yet another stunning look from the dress she wore; she always reflects good design art from the finest. Her work in the fashion industry is always perfect hence good business comes out of this, every person will want to actually work with her in every aspect.