List of Top 10 Most Expensive Commercial Ads

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Commercial Ads

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Today, everything is sold on the virtual marketplace. Like previous times, you need not visit the shop to discover about new products launched in the market. Instead, what you can do is – just grab your laptop, log on to the internet and the surf the information that you want. Yes! It has become actually that easy. Globalization of the world has been possible only due to advertising and commercialization. Apart from manufacturing and launching new products, vendors invest a separate amount of money in designing special TV commercials. The purpose behind this is to let the people know about surging products in the market. Being consumers, we all get attracted to lavishing ads that are showcased on the TV. After that, we carve to buy the product too. Ever thought that how much money these commercialists might be investing on their product’s TV ad?

Well, to mark a presence in front of the whole world, lot of money is needed. Following is the list of the world’s top 10 most expensive advertisements in the history of TV ads. Have a look!

10. website commercial

10_monster is the world’s largest employment site that helps people in finding jobs. This particular firm’s first commercial was launched in 1999 and was called “when I grow up.” This ad showcased the children’s dreams and ambitions. The solemn purpose was to let the people know that there are ample jobs available in the market.

9. Adidas


The budget of this particular ad is not available, but it is said that this advertisement consisted some of the most popular celebrities such as Estelle, Russell Simmons, David Beckham, Young Jeezy, Katy Perry, Missy Elliot, etc. This particular campaign was aimed at increasing the overall sales of Adidas by 50%. The commercial was named “All in.” Passionate sporty teens were the main target of this campaign. Outstanding visual effects added in this ad made it win multiple awards.

8. Honda – $6.5 million campaign


 This $6.5 million advertisement was telecasted in 2009. Numerous retakes over 2 uninterrupted shoots and 606 takes were needed to shoot this ad because no studio was big enough to shoot it in one go. It is a 90 second ad and its makers were awarded and recognized at several ceremonies. It ends with the wordings “Isn’t it nice when things just work?”

7. Pepsi- $7.53 million campaign


 This 2002 ad showcases Britney Spears taking viewers on the time machine from 1958, 1963, 1966, 1970, 1989 and current age with a Pepsi bottle in her hand. This is again a 90 sec commercial starring the most iconic celebrity of that decade.

6. Chrysler – $9million campaign


It is a 2011 Super bowl advertisement that had famous rapper Eminem. In this commercial, Eminem shows visuals of a barren, empty Detroit in comparison to luxurious interiors, exterior of the Chrysler car. In the background, “Lose Yourself” tune is played and the ad ends with a tagline saying “Imported from Detroit.” In just the first hours after its telecast, this advertisement became the second most-searched term on Google.

5. Carlton draught beer- $9million campaign


This ad was shot in Queenstown, New Zealand by director Paul Middleditch. It is quite funny, outrageous and has people singing “It’s a big ad, expensive ad, this ad better sell some bloody beer.” Apart from the hilarious audio part, video consists of different people drinking beer and forming its human-like structures. Around 300 actors were used while making this ad. It got viral on social media channels and banged around half a million views before it was actually telecasted on TV.

4. Aviva Life Insurance-$13.4 million campaign


Aviva Life Insurance, previously known as Norwich Union released this $13.4 million ad in 2008. The main consent of the Company was to announce its new name to the consumers. Dame Edna, Bruce Willis, Elle Macpherson, Ringo Starr and Alice Cooper are the main stars of this ad. The reason behind taking them was that the company wanted to tell the world that these stars became famous once they changed their name.

3. President George W. Bush’s -$14.2 million electoral campaign


Now this is a political TV ad that was released in 2004. This commercial shows President Bush and a small girl who lost her mother during 9/11 tragedy. As President’s job approval rating was deteriorating day-by-day, he released this multimillion dollar ad campaign.

2. Guinness beer -$13.4 million campaign


This ad named “Tipping Point” hasn’t used any special effects and showcases the concept of falling dominoes along with real life objects. It is a 1 minute 34 seconds commercial that shows around 6000 objects falling over each other in a chain reaction. In the end, a beer glass is formed with a tagline “Good things come to an end.”

1. Chanel 5 -$33million campaign


The top position in the list of World’s top 10 most expensive commercial is held by Channel 5’s ad that was released in 2004. It is a 4 min advertisement that was directed by Baz Lurhrmann. It features Nicole Kidman running in the streets to get a cab and woo a commoner who is unaware of her social status. An overall amount of $5,000,000 was paid to Nicole to spare four days for this ad.