Empathy vs Compassion

Empathy vs Compassion

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Building a benevolent act to mankind is a commitment to one’s life’s principles, ethics and spirituality. Everyone deserves to be respected and feel loved. It is so delightful and appease if someone would treat you with much sincerity and integrity. How significant to show empathy and compassion to others?

Empathy is by putting yourself in the shoes of others. It is the ability to experience, recognize and consider the feelings and worth of others. It is more of the sense of being concerned, understanding and appreciative of the things done by the people around you.

While compassion means showing your love and concern through actions and exerting efforts to do something unconditionally without asking for any return. You just simply want to show your deepest sincerity to help because you care so much to that person or to others.

Being empathic and compassionate does not necessarily take place only when someone suffers or in pain. Empathy and compassion, drive a person to do something right and philanthropic because of his own free will, commitment, love, care and concern towards others. These are the innate nature of humanity to extend helping hands to others. Empathy serves as the principle behind the action of compassion.