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If there is someone to describe as the great supporting and a lead role to a fantastic movie film, there will be one name of the many candidates about that, her name is Olsen, Elizabeth.  She is an American that have a skill in singing and acting, in which she is born in 1989 of February the 16th.  Elizabeth’s first career movie started when she was a 4 years of age.  And that time also is the beginning of her blooming career, as she indulge in more movies.  If you want to know one of them, then start reading below.  Here’s her top 10 movies which she starring of.

10. How the West Was Fun (1994)


This old movie entitled How the West Was Fun is the one of the starting point of Elizabeth’s acting career.  It was filmed in the year 1994 and casted by her family related girl named Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, that has a character name role Jessica and Suzy.  Elizabeth character in this film is a car driver in which the two girls ride in when they went to their gran mother’s place.

9. Silent House (2011)


A horror in which independently filmed by Chris Kentis and Laura Lau.  It’s a 2011 American film where Elizabeth is the one of the cast of the said movie.  Her role in this film is a daughter in which had been cleaning their vacation house and the name of the girl in this film is Sarah.  With a genre of horror and thriller events, surely this is a terrifying film Elizabeth have been starring of.

8. Martha Marcy May Marlene (2011)


This film is one of Elizabeth’s weirdest movie film, in which the topic is all about a group of cult desire to recruit more members to join in their designated group or team.  Olsen named role of this film is Martha, one of the member of a cult, in which also she flees and break her covenants to her group.  Her co-star in the said film are John Hawkes, Sarah Paulson and Hugh Dancy.

7. Peace, Love & Misunderstanding (2011)


The Peace, Love and Misunderstanding film is a 2011 movie directed by Bruce Beresford.  One of the cast in this movie is Elizabeth Olsen, her character name role in the said film is Zoe, daughter of a lawyer named Diane.  The story happens when Diane’s husband frankly spoke to her that he want a divorce, they literally move from the upper state.  Later on, when they moved, her kids make a change in the city.

6. Red Lights (2012)


A 2012 Spanish- American Movie thriller film is our next top list of Elizabeth’s starring movie.  Her name is this movie is Sally Owen.  The film started with the two academic student that so happen to indulge some freaky research about a paranormal filed of studies.  The two students are both talented in terms of a physics studies, so they decided to be a team of the said project, but later on problems occurs when unexpected events comes while studying the said paranormal field, that affects their partnership and become an enemy to the end.

5. Liberal Arts (2012)


This story is all about a 35 year of age boy named Jesse, who rolled by Josh Radnor, that so happen made a relationship with Elizabeth Olsen (Zibby in the movie).  It has a genre of comedy-drama movie film.  The story begins with this guy named Jesse, who has a position of a commissioner in the City of New York.  It happens when the time of his retirement stage, he decide to join a party, where Zibby is the promoter of it.  When they have a chance to talk and to know each other; they realize that they have a common understanding in terms of indulging in a relationship.  But the problem is that Jesse is older than Zibby.  Will they end up with a broken heart? Or they will end up to marriage?  Well, you’re the only one to find out.

4. Kill Your Darlings (2013)


An American Film that genres with a Biographical Drama is our next movie film casting by Elizabeth Olsen.  Her name role in this film is Edie Parker.  The film is all about the past and the present. Past because it started with a crime that murder David Kammerer in the year 1944, who was rolled by Michael Hall and present because all of the past happenings seems to connect in the present generation of the casting member’s life.

3. Very Good Girls (2013)


The latest movie of the year that casted by Elizabeth Olsen is the film entitled Very Good Girls.  It is an upcoming movie in this year 2013.  Her character role in the said film is Gerry, one of the primary actress of the movie.  The film is all about two best friend who has been tested about their friendship because of one guy that they fell in in love with.

2. Therese (2013)


Anotherupcoming movie of the year that casted by Elizabeth Olsen is the 2013 movie, its title is also quoted in her character name role Therese.  In this movie, she is a beautiful girl who has to happen facing a marriage trapped by her cousin and become a husband, the name of the guy is Camille that is rolled by Tom Felton.  When Therese plans to give up their marriage by the ways of making love by her husband’s friend, it seems that the results is getting worse and worse.

1. Old Boy (2013)


The very best upcoming movie of this year’s 2013 entitled “Old Boy”.  Starring by Elizabeth Olsen and Josh Brolin.  This latest movie is have a genre of action and thriller film.  The story begins with Josh Brolin which he was been stored in a room for more than a decade and has been known a suspect of a crime that murders his wife and survive his daughter.  One day he got an opportunity to release on that room. While unconscious, Elizabeth help him to find his daughter that is now a full age.