Difference Between Senpai Vs Sempai

Difference Between Senpai Vs Sempai

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Senpai and Sempai terms are two Japanese terms that have gained popularity on the internet. What do these two words stand for? Senpai is a title of honor a junior uses to address a senior. When are the two words used? How do these words contribute to communication between the two people involved?

Japan is a well known competitive country in the cutthroat world of business. Whether you’re looking for a second hand or new car out of the assembly line, you can bank on Japan to supply. In addition, most electronic equipment in the market today ranging from television sets, radios to computers come from Japan. Is it any wonder that Japanese words are creeping in to become household names in the West and on the internet?

Reference to seniors by juniors is common place in everyday life in offices, government institutions and business. In Japan where hierarchy in society plays a big role, these two terms are popular and used frequently. In the West, the terms are catching on with the concept of role model. Protégé is the equivalent term for Senpai in the West.

Senpai and Sempai are the same in meaning. Sempai is the English translation of the Japanese word Senpai.