Difference Between Operating System and Application Software

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Operating System is the most important program you will ever use in computers. The Operating System work is to manage all peripheral devices and to control the Central Processing Unit (CPU). That is a big task! Operating System reads the input and writes the output. The programs you write with the computer language must work with the Operating System installed in the computer to get their input and send out outputs. When you install the Operating System, the Software System which enables the user to interact with computer is also installed. These two are inseparable. The System Software creates conducive environment to install and work with Application Software

If you write a lot of letter, manuscripts, reports, use slides in presentations, Word processing program and PowerPoint would increase your productivity and efficiency. However, these two programs along with others are installed separately once the Operating System is in place in the computer. The Operating System runs in the background while the Application System is on the foreground to enable the creation of different types of documents. In the case of MS Word, the most commonly used powerful processing program, you can create more complex documents using sophisticated features.