Book vs Novel

Book vs Novel

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Reading makes one become knowledgeable when it comes to the latest trends or in the literary forms of writing. It suffices the mind and soul with various information regarding events, entertainment, cooking, entrepreneurship, storytelling compositions and many more. Some people prefer reading few and while others are fond of reading thick pages. Books and novels are some common reading materials that the knowledge seekers are becoming interested of.

It is safe to say that novels can be categorized as books, but not all books are novels. Books can be fiction or non-fiction based. Fictional books are those that deal with fantasies while non-fictional ones deal with the reality. The writer of a book is called an author. The crucial content of a book is patterned from the subject matter given and explain all of the details on that topic.

In contrast, a novel is an exclusively fictional type of book. Its themes are based from the genres of literature such as romance, tragedy, horror, action and comedy. It is essentially for entertainment and drives the emotions of the readers. The writer of this book is called a novelist. The objective of the contents of this book is chiefly for storytelling and acquiring values after reading.