10 transfer Targets Liverpool Should Think About Signing in the Summer

10 transfer Targets Liverpool Should Think About Signing in the Summer

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The summer is here and the targets are on the list. Well for Liverpool to lift there game high they  should consider signing these top players to there team. They are being targeted by a number of clubs and Liverpool should move at a speed to grab them or else they will have to continue with the low results. Definitely no club would want low results; these high profile players have got all it takes to boost a team’s performance and to impress both the manager and the fans. They have perfect skills and intelligence in the soccer world. The top transfers for this season are being eyed by multiple clubs for them to improve their gaming techniques. Liverpool should win this individual into their team and they would probably impress the fans. Liverpool should be ready to offer good money for these players to join the club to boost the team.

10. Karl Darlow

10_Karl Darlow

Position 1 amazing thing for Liverpool, they should not hesitate to sign him, he does his work perfectly. Even for a big amount of money they have to consider it. For their goal to be safe at all times, get him into the squad and good result will follow the trend he will set. Goal keeping can be a challenge, but he got the skills and experience to do it. He is being eyed by Tottenham and Liverpool should not wait for this to happen. He is young and energetic and could be the perfect person to save Liverpool this season.

9. Fernando


Fernando is a renowned name in the football world. The Brazilian national has got all it takes to be a superstar and to improve the scores of a club. He does exceptionally well for defense, through his career he has been successful in this position and that is why Liverpool should sign him. He always deliver the best in any game, his career in football has been a success. For the many games he has played he emerges out as the best. The goal keeper is never worried when he is around. Good target for Liverpool for this summer transfers.

8. Leonardo Bittencourt

8_Leonardo Bittencourt

He has been signed in many clubs, played many games so the experience is perfect. Good catch for Liverpool if they have to sign him in. he is young, the energy is good and the midfield skills are professional. He coordinates well with the rest of the team. Liverpool’s target to this player is right and they should aim to sign him in to boost their game and performance. Liverpool should be ready to offer him good money for him to join the club for he is a fruitful player who gives good result to the club. The fans have no doubt for this player which should be an advantage.

7. Julian Draxler

7_Julian Draxler

He is also another target Liverpool should not let go this summer. The German player has got what it takes to make the club win in every occasion. He is a young promising player, full of energy and the skills are all packed ready to be released in every game. He is good at linking players at the field, supplying the ball in all the corners of the field. He coordinates very well with the players and knows how to make sure that the ball reaches the right person to score a goal. He is a perfect target for his great experience.

6. Javier Mascherano

6_Javier Mascherano

The midfielder is a good target, signing him is a guarantee of good game. There will be a huge crowd to cheer him. The fans will be the happiest people in the club. The star has got all the skills and intelligence to make the club shine in every derby. He knows how to impress the fans, the team, the manager and the entire crowd. He can make a score at a far position and coordinates well with the rest of the team during the play. Midfield position is what Liverpool has to invest on and it is only through signing him.

5. Will Hughes

5_Will Hughes

The young midfielder is perfect for Liverpool, should they sign them in the team, they are guaranteed that domination of the game is theirs. His midfield position helps him supply the ball to each player and makes sure that he passes the ball to right player. He knows the positioning of each player at the field because of his great experience as a middle fielder. He got the skills to make the game interesting and to never fail his fans. Checking his profile he really has played many games and no doubt that he is really a good player. For Liverpool grab him.

4. Martin Montoya

4_Martin Montoya

The Barcelona superstar player is being targeted by Liverpool to probably increase the league. Martin is a very good player and every club would want to either retain him or sign him up. No doubt of his skills, he always delivers the best. To sign him Liverpool would be guaranteed of good results and their competition in the league will be high. The young player has got good experience and his intelligence in football is superb. His strength position is what Liverpool is targeting to really boost their squad and to make sure that their gaming is of high quality.

3. Danny Ings

3_Danny Ings

His strengths are concentrated at scoring; he has got many goal scores since he started football at Southampton. He is really a good target for Liverpool for this summer since they lack the real target to score. His team lacks top scorer and it would be a perfect fit. He is experienced and has got the passion for football. His styles are also professional, as he likes to dribble and plays the ball off the ground. For their competition to be strong they have to choose strong people to join the club for a backup. He is the perfect match for this game.

2. Yevhen Konoplyanka

2_Yevhen Konoplyanka

He is a Ukrainian footballer with a lot of experienced, many clubs eyeing him. He has the strength to really uplift Liverpool; he is an experienced winger meaning that Liverpool would not need a substitute for he is really good at this position. His football history background is rich and would definitely boost the team. At the age of 24 his energy is still strong; Liverpool should not miss the signing. He posses skills that are professional and of high experience through the games he played. He also has the intelligence to coordinate with his team, passing balls to his mates and winger scoring

1. İlkay Gundogan

1_İlkay Gundogan

He is a young energetic footballer any club could wish to sign him in. for Liverpool they probably have to win him. His skills in passing the ball to his players are strong and would definitely help Liverpool to dominate the game for good results. Ball concentration, ball interception, and dribbling are his strongest points. His long ball passes are good; this summer Liverpool should consider doing the signing. There is really no doubt of his skills because the statistics show his strongest points. Good work is a guarantee from him, for he has the experience having played at the bundesliga tournament and rated among the best.