10 Most venomous snakes that exists in the world

10 Most venomous snakes that exists in the world

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Snakes are famous because of their poisonous character. From one place to another, each one of them has its own type and family. Even if they are one of the most dangerous reptiles in the world still, their existence is still prominent depending on its type. Some types of them are endangered while others are rapidly multiplying. The antivenin is considered to be a core treatment for snake bites without it victims can become good as dead. Somehow, even if the poisonous and most venomous snake bite you if the antivenin is can be administered in less than hour chance of survival is high.

The reason why you have to know the most venomous snakes in this world is not to scare you, but to prepare you in cases that you might encounter some of them. Usually when you recognize the snake the bitten you, the medical team can easily come up with an antivenin. The reason why there are so many casualties of snake bite is not just due to its venomous content, but failure to administer the right venom to the victims. That is why as early as now, try to identify them and if possible remember their identification and characters.

10. Rattlesnake


The rattlesnake can easily be distinguished by its rattle on the tail end. Though you can easily identify a rattlesnake still it is venomous. The Rattlesnake is part of the Pit viper family, which are known for its poisonous sting. The majority population of the rattlesnakes has a hemotoxic venom which means that the first part of your body will be affected is your circulatory system. It is also known that no matter how prompt or effective your treatment will be as long as you are bitten by rattlesnake most likely you will develop fatal injuries. That is why knowing the species itself increases your chances of survival in; you will know what anti venom is needed.

9. Death Adder


From the name itself, this type of snakes is quite very deadly. The Death Adder originates in Australia and New Guinea. Unlike other snakes who hunt for prey, the death adder hunts other snakes. Their appearance is somewhat like similar to viper because of its triangular shaped heads. If the rattlesnake contains of hemotoxic venom the death adder also has a neurotoxin type of venom. With this type of venom there will be only 50% rate of chances to survive. Aside from they are venomous they are also famous of their speed; it is believed that they can strike back at around 0.13 seconds.

8. Vipers


Vipers are one of the most famous type of snake not just because of their venomous sting, but because they are likely presented in movies and documentaries. Primarily the Vipers originate in the Middle East and Central Asia. Its venom has an effect of somewhat like wound infection. No matter how small or tiny your snake bite is as long as it comes from viper snake, you will be experiencing symptoms and discomfort of a severely infected wound. They say you could last for 14 days, but that can also be the maximum days ever recorded. That is why antivenin should be administered beforehand.

7. Philippine Cobra

7-Philippine Cobra

Cobra is said to have a less poison, but an exception to the rule is the Philippine Cobra. It has the capacity to spit its venom at around 3 meters away. Just like other venomous snake, the Philippine Cobra has neurotoxin venom. This type of venom directly attacks your central nervous system which includes your consciousness and cardiac function. When your cardiac function fails, everything will follow from your blood circulation level up to your urinary system. Eventually the victim may suffer multiple organ failure if the antivenin will not be administered in a specific time. That is why by knowing the identification of a Philippine cobra can save you much time.

6. Tiger Snake

6-Tiger Snake

The tiger snake is believed to originate in Australia. Like the Philippine Cobra, the Tiger Snake is also has neurotoxic venom. Imagine studies shows that death can occur around 30 minutes after the bite. Depending on the severity of the bite, but still usually it can take upto 6-24 hours. With this very short time span,antivenin should be available and be administered right away. One of the common symptoms the victim might experience is shortness of breath, numbness and severe sweating. It is also said that the Tiger Snake’s accuracy is closer 100% that is why when you encounter this type of snake you must have an utmost precaution.

5. Black Mamba

5-Black Mamba

In the absence of antivenin the fatality rate of Black Mamba is nearly to 100%. It is feared not just by mountaineers, but for people who knew how dangerous is a Black Mamba snake. Their characteristics include aggressiveness with deadly accuracy. It is also known that they are the fastest land snake in the world. By knowing this it is enough to make Black Mamba as one of the most feared snakes around the globe. Their bite is capable of harming and killing 10-25 adults. Other important information about a Black Mamba is that they have fast acting neurotoxins venom.

4. Taipan


The main effect of a Taipan snake bite is to clot the blood circulation of the victim. Numbness and be paralyzed may happen depending on the bite site. The Taipan bite is also inhibiting circulation and oxygen, without proper antivenin and prompt action the death rate can be a hundred percent. Both Taipan and Black mamba has most likely the same character, but differ in venom content. Without the antivenin there are no known survivors and even if it is present still it doesn’t give an assurance of recovery. If the Black Mamba can kill 10 – 25 adults, the Taipan bite can kill up to 12, 000 guinea pigs.

3. Blue Krait


Found in the South East Asia, the Blue Krait is also considered as one of the deadliest type of snake around the globe. With or without the administration of antivenin the victim will have a less chance of survival. If snakes are human, the Blue Krait is the most heartless among them. Blue Krait attacks other snakes and even eats their own type. The time range for a blue Krait bite is known to be about 6 to 12 hours, but no one assures of effectiveness.The majority victims of this type of snakes faced death and if not they can suffer from permanent brain damage and continuous medical care.

2. Eastern Brown Snake

2-Eastern Brown Snake

This type of snake may have a very beautiful name, but mind you this name covers up for its venomous content. It is said that at about 1/14,000 ounces of its venom have been already enough to kill an adult human. Therefore, with a small bite from this snake you will surely be dead. But what makes this snake dangerous is not just its venom, but because they attack due to movements and even slight actions. That is why, if forbidden you will encounter such snake, stay at ease and avoid movements so that the Eastern Brown Snake will not attack and bite you.

1. Fierce Snake or Inland Taipan

1-Fierce Snake or Inland Taipan

The Taipan is already on the list, but another type of this snake made it to the top 1. The fierce snake or inland Taipan is considered to be the most venomous snake around the globe and among its other snake family. Its single bite venoms contain about 110 mg enough to kill about 100 humans or about 250,000 mice. This number is not exaggerated, but based on studies and some cases. It is 10 times venomous than a rattlesnake and 50 times with a common cobra. Even if this type of snake is the most venomous among them all, still it is said that this snake is not an attacker.