10 Countries with most beer consumers

10 Countries with most beer consumers

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Bear has been there since our grandfathers were born. It was used on special occasions such as celebrations. However, these days, many people are turning to different types of beer for varied reasons. But that isn’t our main focus here; we are interested in finding out who drinks the most.

This article highlights the heaviest drinking countries and it’s my wish that you drink responsibly as you read through my article. All we have done is to embark on a global pub crawl to see which country is making the most noise.

1. Czech Republic

Staropramen Czech Republic

Finally, Czech Republic is the all-star consumer and life there revolves the pub. Czech has been dubbed as the country with the highest number if micro-brewing pubs. It has been estimated that this well known country approximately downs 156.9 liters of beer per capita per year. It is known worldwide for brands that rock the world such as Pilsner Urquell and Budver. Staropramen has been named as their favorite beer despite others trying to find their space into the market.

2. Germany (108.2)

Oktoberfest Germany

 Oktoberfest is one of the leading beer manufactures in German. And the brands it makes has continues to rock the drinking industry. The company, which sells even outside German has always ensured that German remain on the top list as far as drinking is concerned. When I say this, many may interpret it as a market ploy, but the fact remains: Germans are proud of the company and it is big!

Reasons behind high beer consumption are still unknown. But one may be tempted to suggest that it has to do with the fact that beer can be purchased anywhere. This means you can get it in bars, shops, gas stations, newspaper stands and on public transport.

3. Austria (101.8)

Zwickerl Bier Austria

Austria has been able to hit high as far as brewing is concerned. All this has been due to the existence of a great number of micro- brewing companies it houses .Schweizerhaus in the Vienna Prater has, found its way in the market and established itself as the favorite beer in Austria. If you visit Austria, make a point of visiting the infamous pub’1516’ located at the city center. The pub was named after the year Reinheitgebot was incepted to the market.

The skyscanner favorite beer is the Zwickerl Bier.

4. Ireland (101.0)

Kilkenny Ireland

This is the home to great brewing companies such as Guinness .And this might have been the reason it is hitting up there as far as alcohol consumption is concerned. If you can spare your time to visit Dublin Guinness Brewery, you will have the opportunity to learn how the black gold is brewed and perhaps their advertising campaign that keep rocking the drinking population in an attempt to win their heart. You cannot go minus getting a free sample to appreciate your visit.

Their drinking per capita is much high than countries you thought could make the list. It is slightly above 130 and Kilkenny is their favorite beer.

5. Slovenia (98.0)


Slovenia has a majestic and indisputable drinking history. In fact as a rule you must wait for a toast before you take your first sip. Some local newspapers have describes Slovenia as a drinking nation. Its numerous micro-brewing industries have ensured that it still remains top in the drinking map. The drinking rate of this little known country has been estimated at 98.

6. Estonia (91.1)


Beer is as synonymous Estonia as martinis are with James Bond. This well known country has made it possible for investors to extensively establish their businesses including the brewing companies. No wonder this country downs 91.1 liters per capita annually. This has led to the emergence of numerous brewing companies. And if you happen to visit Estonia, I suppose you’d appreciate the warming effect of beer.

7. Luxembourg (90.7)

Bofferding Luxembourg

Luxembourg comes at number 7.It has managed to the list due to the high number of brewing companies. In fact, it has seven well-established brewing companies and one thing for sure that has made it score such high marks is its proximity to another drinking powerhouse- German.

This tiny country loves Bofferding as their favorite beer.

8. Belgium (89.7)

Flemish red belgium

Factually, Belgium has is known to house diverse national collection of beers in the world. No wonder it ranks highly in our top ten list managing number 8.With the most experience in the brewing world, Belgium has managed to encourage the establishment of various brands such as pale red, Flemish red, fruit flavored and monastic.

Averagely, Belgium consumes 89.7 liters per capita and Duvel has been identified as their favorite beer.

9. Australia (88.7)


A cold ‘stubbie’ is the most loved brand by many Aussies. However, regional brand loyalty comes first. This means that many love taking their regional beer. And the drinking level is catapulted by a growing emergence of various brands that target the cosmopolitan population by offering good offers.

The consumption of beer in Australia is estimated at 88.7 per capita. Tooheys New has been listed as their most favorite beer.

10. Poland (86.8 Consumption per capita (liters))


Poland is one of the tiniest countries in the world and yet it has made it to this list. It has descent selection of homegrown wines and harbors some of the best brewing companies in the world. Their consumption capacity has been estimated to be 86.8 per capita.