10 Best Tips to Be a Good Wife

10 Best Tips to Be a Good Wife

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Marriage is hard work. A couple who has truly reached a state where love is no longer enough to be together bind themselves legally to each other and get married. However, staying together forever seems to be a daunting task. Couples who fail to communicate their feelings seek divorce and site irreconcilable difference as the reason for their falling out.

One secret to a happy marriage is getting to know each other. Most success story cites that couples who are friends first then lovers second tends to have a strong bond with each other. Shared interest also provides for a better quality time with each other. So is being open and accepting fault whoever is in the wrong. Commitment to the sanctity of marriage is also important. There will be rough roads and the ability to stick with each other will provide for a better foundation in the marriage. Sharing a meaningful conversation, dates and vacations, and even a drink together will only bond the couple even more.

While the husband often times “bring home the bacon”, the wife is said to be “the ties that bind”. She acts selflessly and sees that the welfare of the family comes before hers. Her support for her husband is fundamental in a marriage and her actions usually seals it.

10. She helps him in his career aspirations


A good wife supports her husband. Career wise, any aspirations requires understanding. There may be times that the man of the house will come home late, will be often grumpy and tired, and will talked about more work during their time together. A good wife will listen and make suggestion. She will brain storm with her husband and have the time to understand the background of his work. Mentally, she is an inspiration and not a mere eye candy. At the end of the day, the husband’s success can also be attributed to how the wife supported his husband’s action.

9. She is open with her husband


A good wife does not keep secrets. A marriage to be able to work requires openness from both parties. If both partners are working, a good wife will seek advice from her husband (and vice versa). If there are financial woes, then it’s another perfect time to be open. A problem discussed together often result in solutions applied immediately. Being open also provides for better communication with minimal chances of being misinterpreted. It also encourages honesty and understanding. A deeper level of connection is further established in the relationship and bonds are strengthened.

8. She shows him how much she loves him


What better way to explain this by citing a verse from the Bible: Love is patient, Love is kind. It does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking. It is not easily angered and does not keep no records of wrong doing. True love is really beautiful, and what better way to show it than by having this kind of disposition in a marriage. Marriage by itself is already a sign and an act of love and it should be further strengthen by being true to each other and acting as a partner towards a lasting relationship.

7. She is unpredictable and full of surprises


Monotony can be a marriage killer. If daily activities become a routine, you run the risk of burning out a relationship. Do things out of the blue. Prepare a breakfast in bed. Send him flowers in the office. Hand deliver a dish from his favorite restaurant or even get him tickets to his favorite ball game. Keep things interesting and do not be afraid to reinvent yourself. It may be true that men noticed a little, that is because they do not notice the detail but they do notice something new. Try a new hair color. Wear your favorite heels on a casual night out. And even buy a new pair of skinny jeans and pare them with your favorite casual shirt. This is bound to turn his head.

6. She is intimate when it is appropriate


Now this one is a talk for the bedroom. Intimacy forms when a couple is comfortable with each other however comfort sometimes bear fruit to complacency. Do not slack off! A whisper in the air could send your men flutter in his seat. So will a simple leg brush. Do not be afraid to give your husband signals that you are interested. It is truly sexy for a woman to initiate and be in charge. Role reversal is always a turn-on. Give him a soft massage while his reading his newspaper and even a try rubbing his arms while sitting together. A simple skin contact done with love always shows intimacy and true connection.

5. She is supportive


Much like the support you give your husband’s career aspirations, being supportive in any of your husband’s action shows that you have his back and will be there for him whatever happens. This type of thought provides the men an assurance that he is love and will be love even after there has been failures on his part. Support also equals encouragement. Elevate your husband’s fear by letting him know you have his full support. If he thinks a move across the pond will provide the family a better life, discuss it with him and understand his point of view. A couple who see the same road often find success at the end of it.

4. She keeps the house and her husband things organized


A woman really does wonder to a man’s personal appearance. Not only does she keep the house clean and livable, a wife also makes sure that her husband’s clothes and personal belonging are kept properly. Much like a child in need of someone to tell them what to do, a good wife makes sure that she keeps a tight home and ensures that her husband follows where things are kept. She teaches her husband how to organize his stuff and even advises on what looks best on him. She makes sure that with a clean house, a clean family also lives in it.

3. She gives her husband some space

3-She gives her husband some space

It has been said that women matures faster than men. While both may be adults, the men sometimes tend to have a singular taste in entertainment like playing video games and watching his favorite ball game. Give this to him. As a good wife, these quirks are just some of the behaviors you have accepted and love. Much like him supporting you when you go shopping or go out with your friends, couples do need to have some time to recharge and just be themselves. Separation isn’t always bad especially if the couple’s liking doesn’t always match.

2. A good wife always looks her best

2-A good wife always looks her best

A woman who knows how to dress and still makes her house a home is truly impressive. Not only does she keep things together in her household, she also knows how to keep herself look put together. Never lose your sense of style. A good wife knows how to keep things interesting and often be a sense of wonder t her husband. She works hard but also works to keep from looking disheveled and unorganized. She is someone whose husband can be proud to show off any time of the day. She is someone who also inspires her husband to look his best to match her appearance.

1. A good wife does not nag her husband

1-A good wife does not nag her husband

Nagging is another marriage killer. Husbands tend to lose their respects for their wives when they are regularly badgered at. A good wife knows that her husband is not a child. He doesn’t need reminding of his faults and mistake. Instead a wife partners her husband and discusses things with a level head and calm disposition. Again, openness plays a big factor in a marriage. So is the acceptance that the both of them are flawed individual. Nobody is perfect and couples should not expect this from each other. Perfectness does not exist. If all couples desire this, then they are limiting themselves from learning more things. They are limiting their perception and thus limiting the years of their marriage.