Top 10 Charlize Theron Performances

Top 10 Charlize Theron Performances

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Known for her model like figure, Charlize Theron had performed in a lot of movies since her appearance in The Devil’s Advocate on 1997. Born on the 7th of August, 1975, Theron has contributed a lot in the world of entertainment.

The 39-year-old actress has also been directing and producing films.  Sometimes, she would also take part in the flicks she had produced like Monster (2003), Sleepwalking (2008), The Burning Plain (2008) as well as the upcoming Dark Places which will be out in September.

Looking back, Charlize started her career as a model in 1991 when she was 16. It wasn’t long when she quit that career and pursue luck in ballet – her true passion. Growing up, Theron had dance both Swan Lake and The Nutcracker when she was still living in South Africa. The knee injury that she had back then became a great hindrance in her dancing career.

Her movie career was actually discovered when she was about to cash a check her mother sent to her. When the teller refuse to give her the money due of out-state check, Theron started shouting at him and caused a scene. Little did she knows that her future manager, John Crosby who was a talent agent back then, was standing next to her in line. He gave her his business card, earning Charlize her first acting role.

Theron had won different awards in acting. But as of now, let’s break down her top ten best movie performances.

10.The Devil’s Advocate (1997)


In 1997, Charlize Theron had finally starred in the drama/thriller movie, The Devil’s Advocate. The actress played the role of Mary Ann Lomax, the wife who recently moves to New York City along with her husband. Little did her husband knows, Mary’s own delusions are existing and really happening.  “Charlize Theron gives a stunning performance of writhing in agony which would work to great effect in a genuine horror film,” Ian Waldron Mantgani of UK Critic stated. The movie had gained a lot of positive review all over the net with the viewer’s favorable remarks. The Devil’s Advocate had earned an average rating of 3.4/5 in RottenTomatoes out of more than 200 thousand user ratings.

9. Aeon Flux (2005)


Starring in the movie, Charlize Theron became futuristic as she played the enigmatic assassin who worked with a rebellious anti-government group in the movie Aeon Flux.  At i’s opening weekend in December 2, 2005, Aeon Flux gained more than $12 million topping the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. However, the film failed to reach its viewers favor. Out of 100, there are only 39 percent of viewers who admired the movie. “What is it that drives talented actresses to dive into a hot pile of cinematic crap soon after winning their first Oscar?” Jeff Meyer of Metro Times (Detroit, MI), stated in her review at RottenTomatoes. According to the scriptwriters, there was about 30minutes cut from the original film. Perhaps this could be the reason why critics are shrugging to it?

 8. Sweet November (2001)


Landing on number 8 of Charlize Theron’s best performance is her movie in 2001, Sweet November. In this romantic flick, Theron played the role of Sarah Deever – a sick girl who had made Nelson (Keanu Reeves) for her in the month of November. Despite of the good audience rating in Rotten Tomatoes (which reach 77 percent from more than 90 thousand user ratings), Sweet November had a bad critic among the professional reviewers. The movie was even nominated at the Golden Raspberry Awards for Worst Actor, Worst Actress And Worst Remake/Sequel. Sweet November also got a place on the 100 Most Enjoyably Bad Movies Ever Made produced at the The Official Razzie Movie Guide.

7. Reindeer Games (2000)


Along with Ben Afleck and James Frain, Charlize Theron also played in the action-thriller film, Reindeer Games way back in 2000. In the story, Theron played the role of Ashley, the lover of Nick (Frain). However, Reindeer Games did not get that much love to many people. “Reindeer Games was not a good movie, but I did it because I loved John Frankenheimer,” Theron stated with her interview at Esquire Magazine way back in 2007. Like the other few movies, Reindeer Games also had bad appealing reviews at Rotten Tomatoes. “It’s a heist without a plan, a crime without a brain, a thriller without a decent script,” Michael Wilmington of Chicago Tribune said in his comments on the website.

 6. Mighty Joe Young (1998)


In 1998, Charlize Theron also made her way in Walt Disney movie with Mighty Joe Young. Theron was the main cast in the movie as she played the role of Jill Young, the mother of the mountain gorilla named Joe. While filming the movie, there were few accidents happened in the set. Donald Peterman, a cinematographer, even suffered from a broken leg, broken ribs and head injuries as well. As for the movie, Mighty Joe Young received both positive and negative remarks among the audience. Although there were some who would critic the appearance of the portrayal of Joe, others believe that it is one of the best move perfect for family bonding. “An old-fashioned adventure film that ranks with the best of the genre,” Jeffrey Westhoff of Northwest Herald commented.

 5. Trapped (2002)


Charlize Theron had also take part crime/drama film Trapped way back in 2002. She played the role of Karen Jenning’s in the film that had a daughter abducted by a gang of kidnappers. Adopted from a book, Trapped had bad critics among its reviewers according to Rotten Tomatoes. “Adapting his novel 24 Hours, first-time screenwriter Greg Iles has neglected to include in his plotting a sense of impending doom, a lack of purpose that isn’t helped by the arid filmmaking style of director Luis Mandoki,” Chuck Wilson of LA Weekly left in the comment at the website. With the rating of 18 percent in 4 out of 10 rating among 56 reviews, the film did not make such impact to the viewers.

4. The Italian Job (2003)


Landing on number 4, The Italian Job in 2003 is also considered as one of Charlize Theron’s top performance. Theron played the role of Stellar Bridger in this heist film – the girl who is known for her great skill in safe and vault cracking by simply using technology. Unlike her other movies, The Italian Job made a great remark to its views and followers. “This unglamorous approach has the odd effect of making them seem more glamorous — we’re free to soak up their star quality because there’s no hard sell to fight off,” Peter Rainer of New York Magazine/ Vulture stated in Rotten Tomatoes in the the movie had also gained 73 percent rating.

3. Young Adult (2011)


Charlize Theron played an exciting role of Mavis Gray – an alcoholic divorcee and fiction writer – this 2011 movie, Young Adult. The American comedy-drama film was successful in the film industry as it won in some awards like Screenwriter of the Year at Hollywood Film Festival in October 24, 2011, and Virtuoso Award at Santa Barbara International Film Festival in February 3, 2012. The Young Adult Film was also where Theron won as Chairman’s Vanguard Award in Palm Springs International Film Festival. Still in the same movie, she was also nominated for Best Actress – Motion Picture in both Satellite Award and Golden Globe Award. Charlize’s performance at Young Adult gained a lot of nomination in Best Actress for Central Ohio Film Critics Association Award, Georgia Film Critics Association Award, Critics’ Choice Movie Award, and many more.

 2. North Country (2005)


Charlize Theron also starred in a 2005 drama flick, North Country. The actress played the role of Josey Aimes, one of the women miners who endured overwork and insults. The actress gained a lot of awards and nominations in regards to her performance in North Country. Theron won the awards Best Actress and Best Female Images in a Movie for Women Film Critics Circle Awards. She was also nominated as Best Actress in this character for Dallas-Fort Worth Film Critics Association Award, Critics’ Choice Movie Award and Academy Award. Theron also had a spot for the nomination of Best Actress – Motion Picture Drama for Golden Globe Award and Satellite Award; as well as she was also a nominee of  Best Actress in a Leading Role for British Academy Film Awards.

1. Monster (2003)


Landing number 1 among Charlize Theron top performances was Monster – a 2003 crime drama film about the life of Aileen Wuornos who became a serial killer after becoming a prostitute. Theron seems to bring all the bacon home after the release of the Monster. She had won Best Actress for Academy Award, Central Ohio Film Critics Association Award, Chicago Film Critics Association Award, Critics’ Choice Movie Award, Dallas-Fort Worth Film Critics Association Award, and Las Vegas Film Critics Society Award. The leading actress also topped the Best Actress – Motion Picture Drama for Golden Globe Award. With 82 percent rating among 184 reviewers at Rotten Tomatoes, Monster definitively gave a huge and positive impact in its viewers. “A powerful film, and Theron’s performance is as spectacular as advertised,” Robert Roten of Leramie Movie Scope commended.