Top 10 American Idol Performances of All-Time

Top 10 American Idol Performances of All-Time

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It was in June 11, 2002 when American Idol was created by Simon Fuller and started airing. Since then, it was considered as one of the most successful shows in American Television. According to some, it is the most impactful show in the account of television.

The show aims to discover another new solo artist in America. Along with the three judges, the viewers will also determine the “American Idol” through internet, telephone and SMS messaging with the numbers posted during the show.

Judges were changes from time to time. But looking back, the original juries for every contestant were the most remarkable Simon Cowell who has tough criticisms among the contestants, Paula Abdul who was known for being a good choreographer and pop singer, and lastly, Randy Jackson, music manager and producer. They were the reasons why every contestant would go on stage with their almost-palpitating chest, including the fact that the whole world is watching them.

Some of the known artist who outshined the world after joining the American Idol are Kelly Clarkson, Adam Lambert, Chris Daughtry, Jordin Sparks, Carrie Underwood and many more. These stars had proven that during the finals, American Idol would gain more viewers, earning them a higher peak in television.

Looking back, here are the top ten most admirable performances in American Idol of all time.

10. Phillip Phillips – “Home”


As Philip Philips sang his last song “Home” for American Idol Season 11 during the finale, every audiences around the globe has their hats off for him. According, he had only heard the song once, and was asked if he wanted to do it. Obviously, he agreed to it, and he had never regretted in his life. However, the 23-year-old singer said that he would have wanted to do those things originally if he had time. “I wanted to do my own stuff, but we only had a certain amount of time to do everything, so I had to do that one and it’s a really good song,” he admitted. But even if he had an almost on-the-spot- choice, there’s nothing to remorse for he even had a standing ovation during his set at American Idol!

9. Haley Reinhart – “I (Who Have Nothing)”


According to some, Lady Gaga wanted Haley Reinhart to go psycho and dramatic. And it is a fact that Haley Reinhart aced the season finale of American Idol Season 10. Although the judges did not fully liked her first song during the audition, Haley did not waste any chance to prove them that giving her a chance is not a mistake. With her orchestral version of I (Who Have Nothing), the singer seems to have a retaliation from the judgment. The whole world was in favor of her, that she even had a standing ovation on her performance. Jennifer Lopez even commenced her that Haley pulled off the best performance during that year.

8. Clay Aiken – “Bridge Over Troubled Water”


“I looked like Opie,” Clay Aiken said in an interview at People Magazine. But despite of the “Opie” looks lies an exceptional talent that would shake the whole world in wonder. It was his performance in American idol Season 2 of “Bridge Over Troubled Water” by Simon & Garfunkel that shocks the audience. This song became Clay Aiken’s signature song that people would often refer to him upon hearing it, instead of its original singers. Some people would say that he sang it much better. Some contestants in other singing competition would even follow the same tune that he used during the finale of American Idol.

7. Kelly Clarkson – “Stuff Like That There”


The finale of American Idol Season 1 was a huge bang, as Kelly Clarkson topped it with her performance of “Stuff Like That There.” Being in the first American Idol, Kelly Clarkson has been considered as one of the best singer in the line of music industry. Looking back, she looks much younger in the first season. But despite of that looks lays an impressive and impeccable singing talent that would make the whole world “wow” to her. Most of the fans really thought that she will be the first American Idol. With her performance mostly of Aretha Franklin classics, people had already bowed down to her an her one of a kind talent.

6. Constantine Maroulis – “Bohemian Rhapsody”


Constantine Maroulis rocked the stage of American idol with his performance of Bohemian Rhapsody on the Season 4 finale. Constantine had managed to mix his enormous vocals and theatrical voice to sing the Queen’s single. With this act, the singer had made the audience roared as they cheered for him. Until now, if you would ask people who had witnessed the Season 4 finale of American Idol, they would probably say that Constatine’s performance would still give them chills. He also had managed to make the usually strict Simon Cowell praised him along with the other audiences as he sings Bohemian Rhapsody. This performance has been one of the greatest breakthrough that the singer had.

5. Adam Lambert – “Mad World”


Adam Lambert’s performance of Mad World by Tears For Fears gave exceptional chills among his audiences. Equipped with a high energy performance of the song, a lot thought that he would have been the American Idol for the eight season of the American singing competition. In his initial audition, Lambert already gave out his best by singing Bohemian Rhapsody and Rock With You. During the finale, Lambert had positive remarks from the judges. Paula Abdul even saw a great fame in Lambert’s performace. “”Whatever happens with this Idol journey, I know you’re going to be iconic,” the pop singer stated.

 4. Jennifer Hudson – “Weekend In New England”


Although this song was the one she sang before eliminated, Jennifer Hudson’s performance of Barry Manilow’s Weekend in New England is considered as one of the best among the American Idol performances. A lot of people could still not believe that the Grammy Award and Academy Award Winner landed only on the seventh spot during the Third Season of American Idol. Yes, the song was originally sung by Barry Manilow, but Jennifer Hudson did it on her own adding her unique substance in singing. However, during the pre-Grammy party, Hudson got lucky by singing it live along with Manilow. This is to honor Clive Davis.

3. Chris Daughtry – “Walk the Line”


Chris Daughtry, along with his band, “Daughtry” are famous around the world with their songs “What About Now” and “Home”. But before that, Chis Daughtry himself first outshined in American Idol Season 5. Finishing as a fourth placer, his performance of John Cash’s Walk The Line became a trend among his audiences during his set. Chris Daughtry earned mor fans as he became the favorite during that time. Along with Walk The Line, the American Idol contestant also performed Fuel’s Hemorrhage. The two songs gave an impact to the million viewers around the globe. Later on, his band has been performing more of their original songs. American Idol was considered as one of the singer’s breakthrough in his life.

2. Elliott Yamin – “A Song For You”


For an unknown reason, it may not seem obvious for Elliott Yamin to be one of the hardest contenders in American Idol Season 5. Before he was known for his hit single, “Wait For You,” yamin was famous for his best performance in the American singing contest, “A Song For You.” He first sang this song during his initial audition. After performing it again, his performance took a spot of number 3 Entertainment Weekly’s countdown for American Idol performances in history. Simon Cowell even stated that Yamin was the potential best male vocalist since American Idol Season 1 while his guess coach Steview Wonder believes that he has a great chance if he pursue his music career.

1. Fantasia Barrino – “Summertime”


As for the best performance of all time in American Idol, it is Fanstasio Barrino’s Summertime cover. In the Season 3 of American Idol, Barrino’s singing of Summertime even left her tears. Perhaps, the critics had her eyes watery for this was considered as the best performance in American Idol history. Her exquisite talent that she showed off around the world made her the winner for American Idol Season 3. It seems like while Fantasia was performing the song, she is equipping it with something deep from her soul. That could probably the way of how she brought out the best in her during the finale.