Top 10 Actress who is known for their comedic performance

Top 10 Actress who is known for their comedic performance

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Who are some of the fascinating female actresses with comic performances? This is a common question and I am pretty sure you also ask this question whenever Hollywood comes into your mind .And am not going to disappoint you. I have sampled some of the renowned comedic actresses in the world.

10.  Fran Drescher


Francine Joy Drescher was born to Drescher and Sylvia in 1957.She is based in Flushing, Queens in the city of New York. She together with another high profile name (Ray Romano) attended Hillcrest High School-a prestigious school in the United States. Her career started flourishing at a tender age of fifteen when she first stepped into the league of Hollywood. On stage (Fran as she is commonly known), stirs the audience with her iconic performance which leaves fan wanting more.

9. Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock Comedy Performance

Sandra Bullock is another figure worth mentioning. She is well known for her stunning and comedic performances .Sandra Bullock, who was born in the outskirts of Washington’s DC’s Virginia to a voice teacher and an opera singer mother, grew up with her sister. She attended a good high school and always performed in the children’s chorus that her mother was involved .This really played an important role in molding her career which got a major boost when she was chosen to appear in different shows. She later tested her commercial success when she played a leading role in “The Thing Called Love” .Here she demonstrated and showcased her talent decorated with her sense of humor. She remains one of the best actresses with comedic performances and has won various awards in this in Hollywood.

8. Amanda Bynes

Amanda-Bynes_Comedy_PerformanceThousand Oaks, California plays home to one of the best female Hollywood stars in the world. Born in April 3, 1986, Amanda has been able to make tremendous progress in her life especially in her career. This ever rising figure was born in 1986 and has an elder sister. She is blessed with three children .Her journey of becoming one of the best actresses begun at a tender age of three when she used to perform alongside her elder sister. She later grew up to stage some of the best and most comedic performances. In addition, her family was very instrumental and helped her to climb the Hollywood ladder by giving her all the support she needed.

7. Julia Roberts


Julian Roberts hails from Smyrna in Georgia. She never dreamt that at one time she will command the support she enjoys these days. Earlier, her brother Erick Roberts had made it in Hollywood. This really inspired her she realized that she too can do the same. She rolled up her sleeve and embarked in serious business. This later paid off and she later made a mark in Hollywood. She managed to beat her fellow actresses to win some of the most treasured awards in the USA.

Julia initially wanted to be a vet nary officer due to her great love for animals from her childhood days. However, she changed her mind later and went for journalism. She is well loved for her comedy and enjoys world wide support.

6. Mila Kunis


This talented and stunning actor was born to a Jewish family in Ukraine .Her mother (Elvira) was a physics teacher and her father worked as a mechanical engineer in Ukraine (then USSR).She rose to stardom while attending college where she was actively involved in music and comedy. Her name scored high in the Hollywood map and she staged very interesting and comedic shows. In fact, many of her fans love her for her ability to stage very comedic shows.

5. Katherine Heigl


In November 24, 1978, Katherine Marie was born in Washington Dc .She is a daughter to Nancy Heigl and Paul Heigl. Most of her childhood life was spent in New Canaan. Katie, as she is well known, knows how to creatively craft scenes which are highly rated and branded as comedic. She has tested the success of her life and this is majorly attributed to her ability to go overboard with her shows in making them really comedic.

4. Lindsay Lohan


This is another well known actress and has managed to catch my eyes due to her ability to make interesting stage appearances .Lindsay Lohan, who knows how to give the audience all they need, was born in 1986 to Dina Lohan and Michael Lohan. She ventured into the world of acting at a tender age of three when she participated in the Eileen Agency as a model. Her great personality and sense of humor saw her appear in over 60 televisions commercials such as The Gap, Pizza Hut and Wendy’s Jell-O.

3. Drew Barrymore


Drew Barrymore can be described as Charming, free-spirited and – above all – talented. Her long journey to stardom can be dated back to her childhood days in the 1990s.Her breakthrough into the big screen was when she appeared in Steven Spielberg’s beloved sci-fi blockbuster, E.T-Terrestrial. Although much of her adolescent life was troubled, she managed to appear in a handful of films where she played comedic scenes that gave her the name in Hollywood. She still remains as one of the best in the world and she is loved worldwide.

2. Whoopi Goldberg


Charming, determined-above all-talented, Whoopi Goldenberg has done everything to earn respect in Hollywood. This ever humorous actress was born on November 13, 1955 in the Chelsea section of Manhattan. Her first job was in a funeral parlor. During her free time she used to take part in small parents of Broadway. She later moved to California where she worked for improvement groups such as Spontaneous Combustion. This gave her will-power to surge forward. Due to her determination, she rose to become a stand-up comedian.

1. Goldie Hawn


Goldie Hawn is the best actress comedian. She has managed to hit high as far as Hollywood is concerned. This soft spoken actress was born to Laura Steinhoff (who owned a dance school) and Edward Rutledge Hawn-a band musician. She drew much of her inspiration from her parents. She is a sister to Patricia and Edward-who died immediately after he was born. She was religiously raised as a Jewish by her mother who was a daughter to a certain Hungarians immigrant.