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If we talks about entertainment shows, it must be appealing, catchy, informative, humorous, interesting and laughable show.  Well, it all happens that kind of show depending of the kind of the host that was hosting a show.  Fortunately, I have a list of hosts that makes all of that atmosphere in a show that you want to happen, take note, they are not just ordinary and simple host but also rich and influential people.  Here are the list starting from 10 to 1.  Enjoy.

10. Carson Daly, $15 million


Our first in the list as top ranked riches male host is Carson Daly, with a rank of a 10th list of our survey, he earned $15 million stocks of money.  He hosted a show in NBC network, the title of the show is the “Last Call with Carson Daly”, and it’s a talk show on a late night.  Carson’s real name is Carson Jones Dal, he was born in the place of Santa Monica, California.  He had also another show, beside of the late night show, it is a News related field, where he hosted a NBC News named “Today Show”.

9. Jimmy Fallon, $16 million


An actor, singer, musician, American comedian and a television host; that is the skills of our 2nd top ranked richest man host.  His name is James Thomas Fallon also known as Jimmy Fallon.  He was born in Brooklyn, New York, United States.  With his current age of 39 yrs. Old, Jimmy is currently hosting a show entitled “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon”.  Same as the other top ranked host, Jimmy also started as a stand-up comedian in his first career.

8. Jimmy Kimmel, $25 million


Our next top ranked male host is Jimmy Kimmel.  His real name is James Christian Kimmel, born in November 13, 1967, in the place of Brooklyn, New York.  Jimmy had to permanently give up the show he had, it entitles a name “The Man Show”, to pursue of making and creating his own show that really make catchyand desired by the audiences.  The title of the show he made is “Jimmy Kimmel Live”, and that have aired on ABC network.

7. Craig Ferguson, $25 million


Craig Ferguson is the host of a show entitled “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson”.  He was born in the place of Scotland, specifically Springburn, Greater Glasgow Scotland.  Beside of being a host, he is also a stand-up comedian, writer, actor, director, author, producer and voice artist.  No wonder why he is nominated in an Emmy Award.  And because of all that career experiences, he earn $25 million stock of money.

6. Chelsea Handler, $25 million


Chelsea Joy Handler known as Chelsea Handler in a show entitled “Chelsea Lately” is our 6th top ranked riches host.  Though she is not a man, yet she makes a mark as the best host in TV; which denotes to this saying, that gender is not the hindrance of reaching the very goal in your life, especially in hosting field, most likely men ranked in a high elevation.  Despite all of that, she earn a stock of money of $25 million.

5. Stephen Colbert, $45 million


Born in Washington D.C. in the year 1964, 13th day of the month of May; Stephen Tyrone Colbert, known as Stephen Colbert was raised to be a comedian.  He usually plans to be an actor, but never thought of being a host or comedian, when it happens that he indulge in the field of theatre.  Stephen is our 5th ranked male host, it is because of his appeal to entertain people.  He started his hosting career when he joined the cast of a Comedy show entitled “The Daily Show”, then after that, he got many offer, which makes his career boost.

4. Conan, O’Brian, 75 million


Our next top ranked riches man hosted is Conan Christopher O’Brien.  He was born on the 18th day of April 1963, in the place of Brookline, Massachusetts.  With an age of 50, O’Brien reach the 4th top ranked riches man host of all time, with an earnings of $75million.  O’Brien is not only a hosted, he is also a writer, producer and a voice actor.  Surely, this man is so talented.

3. Jon Stewart, $80 million


In the place of New York, New York, United States, raise the man named Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz or also known as Jon Stewart.  He was born in the year 1962 of November 28, his current age is 50 yrs. Old.  Jon Stewart decided to use a stage name and change the name Stuart to Stewart, he did not also use his family name of his father because it’s hard to pronounce.  Jon have no courage in term of many audiences, though he is a funny guy in their school days, but when he had the chance of performing on an event, all fear vanished and the comedic entrance has begun.  He started as a stand-up comedian, then later on got a break on a MTV show.

2. Jay Leno, $ 250 million


Our 2nd top ranking personality in terms of hosting is Jay Leno, with a $ 250 million stocks of money, no wonder why his in the second place.  His real name is James Douglas Muir-Leno.  He was born on the 28th of April 1950 in the place of New Rochelle, New York.  He hosted a show on NBC entitled “The Tonight Show”.  Every time the show aired on TV, the audience’s had never been experience boring on his show, because when he started to talk and asked question, you’ll surely laughed and interested with the topic.

1.David Letterman, $400 million


And now, finally, where in the very top ranked and very rich of all man hosted.  His name is David Michael Letterman also known as David Letterman.  With his current age of 66 years old, David earn an average of a $400 million stocks, there’s no one can beat him in his place.  He was born in the year 1974, in the 12th day of the month of April.    David career also face ups and downs, but when he decided to end up his contract in NBC when he heard that Jay Leno will be the next host of “The Tonight Show”, he end up of joining and signing a contract in the other network named CBS, who gave him the opportunity of hosting the show entitled “Late Show with David Letterman”; in the which David got the ranked of 1st list for top ranked man hosted.