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We all know Miley Cyrus from her humble beginnings playing as a teenage girl who happens to be a pop star in the Disney series, “Hannah Montana”. Since then, the actress decided to leave the role behind and pursue a singing career and roles that are more mature. Miley Cyrus is the daughter of country singer Billy Cyrus, the one who sang the song “Achy Breaky Heart”. As young as Miley, and despite the controversies she is facing now, from her break up to fiancé Liam Hemsworth, to her raunchy VMA performance, her tongue, and her vulgar sense of fashion, Miley has set them all on the sides, never minding what the public has to say as long as she makes music, lives her life, and not having to care what everyone has to say. She proved that she is a multi-talented artist when she finally stood out on her own and not on her father’s shadow. What made Miley, Miley? Here are some of her top 10 hits that soared the charts and caught the hearts of the fans.



This song is so unforgettable because when you think about this song, you could also think about how sweet and romantic was Miley and Liam’s relationship was before. This song was featured in her first movie post Hannah Montana, “The Last Song”. Miley met ex-fiance Liam Hemsworth in the set of the movie “The Last Song”. “When I looked At You” came out on the first day of May 2010, and was released by Hollywood Records. The song was also included in Miley’s album The Time of Our Lives. The song received moderate reviews, and didn’t have much success compared to Miley’s “Party in the USA”.



This song was featured in the “Hannah Montana: The Movie”. The song heartily accepted by the fans due to its very emotional and well defined lyrics. “Don’t Walk Away” was co-written by Miley Cyrus herself alongside songwriters John Shanks and Hillary Lindsey. Although the song was not as popular as the other who are sung by Miley, surely, if you are a pure Miley fan, you would know the song in a heartbeat.



“Can’t be tamed is both a title of both Miley’s song and the name of her third album. The song would then make a statement to the new and improve Miley, leaving behind her sweet image as Hannah Montana. The music video itself was proof that she isn’t a little girl anymore. The song was released on the 18th of June 2010 by Hollywood Records. It topped the charts, ranking number three in the Billboard 200.



On the seventh is her song 7 Things. The song was received well by many fans, stating that the song was about then ex-boyfriend Nick Jonas of the boy group The Jonas Brothers. Miley was a co-writer of the song alongside song writers Antonina Armato and Tim James. Since then, Miley has never confirmed and also never denied that the song was indeed about Nick Jonas. The song was well received by her fans, and it ranked number nine in Billboard Hot 100.



Following her split from fiancé Liam Hemsworth, Miley’s video of her song “Wrecking Ball” came out. The song was well received by her fans during its release on the 25th of August this year. Miley was already filled with controversy after she performed at the VMA’s, twerking to Robin Thicke while he was singing his song “Blurred Lines”, but when the video of “Wrecking Ball” came out, the controversy never stopped, in fact, it just fueled it even more. In the music video, Miley was sitting in a wrecking ball naked, wearing only a pair of combat boots. The song however, despite mixed reviews, ranked number one in the Billboard Hot 100, making it the first number one for Miley.



“Fly on the Wall” is from Miley’s second album, “Breakout”. It came out on the 3rd of November 2008, and was released by Hollywood Records. When you listen to the song, you could tell that it talks about an abusive boyfriend, but from Miley’s description, the song is about the paparazzi and how they personally invade her private life. The song ranked number 84 on Billboard Hot 100 but it topped various charts in other countries. The song never went on to become a success in the Billboard Hot 100, after it ranked on 84, it slipped away. It reached major success preferably in European countries.


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The most emotional song from Miley’s movie “Hannah Montana: The Movie”, wherein Miley sang so emotionally with real life father Billy Ray Cyrus. The song was about a child who was growing up, and freeing itself to become an adult. The song received praises, for its lyrics, and for its melody though it was not released as a single. The songs highest rank in the Billboard Hot 100 was in the 56th, and stayed on the charts for three weeks. The song was not only praised in the United States but also in different countries.



“The Climb” is Miley’s first ever solo song released in country music. It was recorded for the “Hannah Montana: The Movie”, putting the story about life’s struggles, and all the rewards for its hardships. The song is a power ballad, delivered by Miley so emotionally. The song was released on the 5th day of March 2009 by Walt Disney Records. It ranked number 4th on the Billboard Hot 100. The song won Miley a Best Song From A Movie Award given during the 2009 MTV Movie Music Awards.



Following silence in her music career for a while, “We Can’t Stop” was her first single from her new and improved album “Bangerz”. This time around, it was released by RCA Records, after Miley ended her contract with Hollywood Records. The song was released on the 3rd of June 2013, and was received with mixed reviews judging from Miley’s provocative new image. Miley stated that the song was inspired by Rihanna. This was a new tempo for Miley, because “We Can’t Stop” is a mixture of R&B and pop. Clearly, this was Miley’s own way of saying the old Miley was gone. The song ranked 2nd of the Billboard Hot 100, and was the fastest video to accumulate 100 million views on Vevo, which was then surpassed by Miley’s next single of the same album.


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Miley may have been successful in proving to everyone that she is now different from what she was before, but there’s no denying that “Party in the U.S.A.” was clearly her greatest hit. The song was included in her very first extended play, and was co-written by pop star Jessie J. Originally it was for the Jessie J herself but she let go of the song because it was not fit for her personality so she gave it to Miley. The song ranked 2nd in Billboard Hot 100, was considered to be the sixth digital single best-seller of 2009, and to date, still considered as the best-selling singles in the history of music. Recording Industry Association of America certified it as six times platinum.