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Britney Jean Spears is a Grammy Award Winner singer who has been in the music industry for 21 years. She started her career when she was still eleven years old at The Mickey Mouse Club alongside Justin Timberlake, and Christina Aguilera. Her gig in The Mickey Mouse club honed the skills of the singer, inspiring her to even do more. She left the club to try her luck in Hollywood, thus the creation of her very first album, “Baby One More Time”. Over the years, Britney Spears served as inspiration to young women, making her the Princess of Pop in her generation. Her success was over the top, and until now, she has proven that she is still one of the best singers there is. Here are some of Britney’s top and most memorable hit songs that invaded the charts and the radios.



“Overprotected” was released on the 12th day of December 2001 by Jive records. This was Britney’s second single. The song was about a girl (Britney) who lived a life of fame and fortune and was tired of being kept inside, unexposed and overprotected. The song was well accepted by the media and as well as the fans of Britney all over the world. Though it did not do well in the Billboard’s, it was well rated in Canada, Romania, United Kingdom, and Italy. This song earned Britney a nomination in the Grammy’s as Best Female Pop Vocal Performance.

9. LUCKY – 2000


This song was from Britney’s Second Album entitled “Oops!… I Did It Again”, which came out on the 8th day of August 2000, and was released by Jive Records. This song yet again portrayed the story of a pop star named Lucky who was lonely and unhappy despite her wealth, fame, and fortune, it was well praised by the critics, and was even noted that the song was about Britney herself. The song achieved major success worldwide and peaked at number 23 in the Billboard Hot 100.

8. OOOPS!… I DID IT AGAIN – 2000


This song was from Britney’s second album of the same title, and was released on the 27th day of March in year 2000, by Jive Records. The song was long been waited by the fans of Britney following her success in her first Album Baby One More time. The music video of the song, as well as the songs bridge was inspired by the iconic movie, “Titanic”. It peaked at number nine in the Billboard Hot 100, and was received by praises from music critics just like how well they received her single Baby One More Time. This song was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance in year 2001. Now, the song has been considered as Britney’s signature song.



            This song was from Britney’s third solo album called “Britney” which came out in 2001. The song was released by Jive Records in the 18th of February 2002. The song came out along with Britney’s first movie wherein she was a protagonist, “Crossroads”. The song was well accepted well by music critics, citing that it had a real and good connection towards reaching to her fans about puberty, and the life of every girl turning into a woman. The song peaked at number two in the Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100, but it failed to reached the Billboard Hot 100.

6. SOMETIMES – 1999


This song was from Britney Spears’ first ever solo album, “Baby One More Time”. It was released on the 30th day of April 1999, and was released by Jive Records. The song was made with critical reviews. Some liked it, some was quite annoyed by the childish behavior the song was trying to send out. The song however was well received worldwide. The song peaked at number 21 in the Billboard Hot 100, and was considered as the third best single of Britney in the United Kingdom.

5. WOMANIZER – 2008


This song was another single from Britney’s sixth solo album called “Circus”. It was released on the 26th of September 2008 by Jive Records. A leaked version of the song came out ahead, thus prompting Britney to re-record another one. The song received praises for its lyrics, and women empowerment. During its released, it peaked at number ninety-six of the Billboard Hot 100, and then quickly jumped to number one the following week, breaking the history of a biggest jump in the history of the chart. It was nominated for Best Dance Recording in the Grammy’s but it lost to Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face”.

4. STRONGER – 2000


“Stronger” is the third single for Britney’s second album “Oops!… I Did It Again”. It was released on the 13th of November 2000 by Jive Records. The song was about the story of a girl who was tired of her boyfriend from cheating on her. It emphasized empowerment and was well praised my music critics. It peaked at number eleven in the Billboard Hot 100, and was certified as a gold hit by the Recording Industry of America. Since then, “Stronger” was covered by various artists and was featured in the hit series “Glee”.



Who could ever forget “Baby One More Time”? It was the reason why Britney became so popular. It’s her debut single and album, and was released on the 30th day of September 1998 by Jive Records. The song was about a young teenage girl who has regrets after she breaks up with her boyfriend. The song received praises not just for its melody but also for its composition. The song was number one worldwide, and it sold 10 million copies all over the world, and is considered to be one of the best-selling singles of all time in the music industry. The song topped the Billboard Hot 100 for more than 2 months, and became the second to Mambo #5 by Lou Bega as the highest selling single of the year.

2. (YOU DRIVE ME) CRAZY – 1999


“Crazy was the third single for Britney’s debut album Baby One More Time” and it was released on the 23rd day of August 1999 by Jive Records. It was well received by music critics, praising its simplicity and was in close comparison to Britney’s first single, “Baby One More Time”. The song ranked at number ten in the Billboard Hot 100. A remix version of the song was released, and as part of the song’s promotion, it featured the appearances of popular actors Melissa Joan Hart and Adrien Grenier.

1. PIECE OF ME – 2007


“Piece of Me” is Britney’s second single from her fifth album, “Blackout”. It was released on the 27th day of November 2007 by Jive Records. The song received great praises from musical critics, citing that the lyrics were so strong and inspiring. The song served as a response to the media’s never ending scrutiny to life of the popstar. Following her breakdown and stunts with the paparazzi in Hollywood, the song very much tells Britney’s feelings towards the invasion of her private life by the public. It peaked at number eighteen in the Billboard Hot 100, and it topped the Billboard Hot Dance Club Party.