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27 year old, American actress Kaley Cuoco, is one of Hollywood’s most recognize faces in television. She was jolted to fame when she plays as the love interest of the nerdy character of Johnny Galecki, Leonard Hofstadter. Blond, beautiful, and sexy, Kaley Cuoco surely is one of the most popular ladies of comedy television. Not only is she good in acting as a stereotyped blond in The Big Bang Theory, she also knows how to be witty, and naturally funny. Now, what makes Kaley Cuoco even sexier? Did you know that she doesn’t only have television roles; she also has starred in some popular movies in Hollywood. Read on and discover the actress’ 10 most popular films.

10. WASTED in year 2006


Kaley Cuoco played a simple role in this movie, and was not part of the movie’s main cast. She starred alongside Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul, Nick Stahl, and Summer Phoenix. Directed by Stephen T. Kay, the movie Wasted was not accepted well by the audiences, giving it only 3.3 out 5 in their ratings. The movie however, captured the attention of people who are against drugs, stating that the movie was more likely like a anti-drug campaign, than a movie about teenagers using drugs specifically heroin.

9. BRATZ: PASSION 4 FASHION in year 2006


If you have a little girl at home, then there is no doubt that you have come across the word Bratz. It started as young girls’ preppy, posh dolls that are inspired by high fashion, and not to mention those huge, perky lips. Upon the rise of its popularity, Bratz decided to finally make a movie. Kaley Cuoco was the voice behind the character Kirstee, and it was a small character that is not part of the main cast of the movie.

8. TO BE FAT LIKE ME in year 2007


After a small role in 2006 in the movie Wasted, and as the voice of the character Kirstee in the cartoon movie, Bratz: Passion 4 Fashion, Kaley Cuoco finally got a lead role in the 2007 movie about being overweight, To Be Fat Like Me. In this movie, Kaley was praised by her fans as she portrayed a high school jock, with an athletic lifestyle and body, driven by her injury to don a fat suit just to prove to everyone that being fat is nothing as long you have the right positive personality.

7. COUGAR CLUB in year 2007


With not much success in the movie To Be Fat Like Me, Kaley Cuoco yet again managed to get another small role as the girl Amanda in the movie Cougar Club. This movie is about two newly college graduates who wanted earned extra income. Driven by their different desires, one pride and the other, just mainly to have sex with married, desperate women, Cougar Club is one of the raunchiest and sexiest comedy flick. Although this movie finished off with a very low 2.4 out 5 rating, still, if you’re the American Pie type of person, you would surely love this movie.

A slasher movie about celebrities and their crew who are hunted by an obvious slash anonymous killer. This time, Kaley Cuoco stars alongside The Vampire Diaries Paul Wesley. Rotten Tomatoes gave this movie a 2.4 out of 5 rating. Though not widely accepted by much viewers, still some would say the movies was both, funny, obvious, and a little fun. More advise circulating however, if you are a serious fan of slasher movies, who take special effects, and plots quite seriously, then this movie is not for you.

5. THE PENTHOUSE in year 2010


Though you might say, judging from the movies listed above, Kaley Cuoco had bad choices, wait ‘til you know about this one. The Penthouse, a sex comedy, was released in year 2010, a movie about a reality star who won a penthouse for a prize, and he invites his friends over because he was bored with his single life. The movie wasn’t pretty much appreciated by the audiences. Proving that, in Rotten Tomatoes, the viewers of the movie only gave it a 1.9 out 5 rating. Bad isn’t it? Many stated the movie was typical, boring, and bland.

4. HOP in year 2011


This by far I think is one of Kaley’s successful movies. Hop is a story about a bunny, who tries to avoid his responsibilities as an Easter bunny to pursue a career as a drummer. The bunny then befriends Fred, played by James Marsden, an unemployed man, who happens to be the sister of Samantha, played by Kaley Cuoco. Though she played a supporting actress role in this movie, it grabbed the attention of audiences not only the younger ones, but also the adult fans. If you are into movies like, The Smurfs, and Enchanted, then this movie is for you. Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 3.4 out 5 rating.

3. THE LAST RIDE in year 2011


This movie is the story about the last days of country icon Hank Williams before his death in the first day of the year 1953. Though not widely accepted by many viewers, only earning $27,000 dollars in the box office, The Last Ride was considered by many as not to giving much emphasis on the country music legend. The movie didn’t even played original tracks from the artist himself but only his songs that were covered by various artists. The movie was a disappointment to all true Hank Williams fans.



This movie is the story of the widely known sergeant Drew Peterson and how he has denied the disappearance of his third wife Stacey played by Kaley Cuoco. It based from a real life case, and was portrayed by Rob Lowe. The movie was widely accepted by various types of audiences and was given 3.6 out of 5 ratings in Rotten Tomatoes. Though Kaley’s role was minimal, still this movie jumped from below average to average in her list of movie choices.



Though not quietly accepted by many, the movie is the second big hit movie that starred Kaley as the lead character. In this flick, she played as Hannah Rinaldi, a writer who was accepted into a group of writers who are not popular. When her work was published and she became successful, her colleagues became jealous. Kaley Cuoco stars alongside Chris Klein, Dylan Walsh, Teri Polo, and Jonathan Bennet. This movie did not quite capture the audience, still, this was the best, not to mention top movie that Kaley Cuoco has ever had.