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Beside of having fatness, Rebel Wilson is also fat, as in huge, in terms of having a talent skills.  Her one of the greatest talent of all is being an actress and a voice over in mostly animated series movies.  Wilson was raised and born in the place of Australia, her specific birth date is February the 3rd.  Wilson is not only an actress, she is also a write, an entrepreneur and a standup comedian.  Same as the other actresses, Wilson also started her career in a theatrical field and then finally have been discovered and had given a break to become a fully artist in the field of acting.  And if you wanted to know what are her contributions of movies that she have been working for, well, sit back and relax as I will give the top 10 most popular movie Wilson have ever be.

10. Ghost Rider, 2007


This 2007 movie, with a genre of horror supernaturally that wasbeen categorists in the field of superhero written film, are the 10th most popular show Wilson casted of.  Her role in this movie is the girl in the alley.  The story is all about the curse of who ever be want of being an immortal creature and be the fighter for the sake of the goodness of mankind.

9. Bridesmaids, 2011


Another movie that Wilson have been casted of, this was been titled as the “Bridesmaids”.  Where in the story of this movie is about the maid of honor and the bridesmaid who was been competing for theacceptance of being the best friend of the bride.  Wilson’s role in the said film is the sister of the one casting crew ad a roommate, her name is Brynn.  This movie was released and has been watched in the year 2011.

8. A Few Best Men, 2011


A comedy film genre, the movie entitled “A Few Best Man”.is another movie that was casted by Wilson.  Her primary role in the said comedy film is Daphne Ramme.  The movie is all about a groom that was been involved on an unexpected event, in which the story plotted, it all happens when his friends decided to go to Australia for the preparation of planning a good wedding , little they did not know that before they will face the ceremony, will encounter much trouble in the long run.

7. Small Apartments, 2012


The name Rocky is the name that was been casted character of Rebel Wilson in this film.  It has a genre of a comedy.  Her role in the said film is a girlfriend of Tommy Ball that was been rolled by Johnny Knoxville.  The story begins when a resident of an apartment has been accidentally murdered by the own resident’, they begun to panic and making a plan on how they will pats the big consequences that they will be facing in their live.  The movie was been released and being watch in the year 2012.

6. Bachelorette, 2012


Our next movie film is entitled the Bachelorette.  The rolled character name of Wilson in this movie is Becky Archer.  The movie has a genre of an American Comedy.  The story plotted when a three girls regroup again by the event of a wedding of one of their classmates in high school that they’ve bully on.  This time this three girls was been jealous by their friend that will be indulging on a wedding. So they will make a move to destroy the wedding, but in the long run, they’ve realized their error and mistake that makes them to become a good friend of the bride.

5. Struck by Lightning, 2012


This 2012 movie film is also the one that was been casted by Wilson.  It’s all about a boy in a school in which he make a threat on his co students to indulge to his magazine making.  Wilson’s character name role is Malerie Baggs, a best friend of Carson that was rolled by Chris Colfer, she is also his partner in the said threat that they imposed with their co students.  One of Wilson primary describable role is a girl who was ben keeping videos of her high school life to ensure and purposed for memories.  The movie was been released and being watched in the year 2012 and has a genre of a drama comedy in the high school years.

4. What to Expect When You’re Expecting, 2012


What to expect when you’re expecting is another movie film casted by Wilson.  This movie is a comedy film drama in an American genre.  The content of the story is all about a group of couple who has been individually facing a trial in their lives, one of them are facing difficulty in bearing a child, one is facing a trial in raising their children and the other deciding what to choose for a good child to adopt.  Wilson’s character role in the said film is Janice, she is an employeeof a boutique that named as “The Breast Choice Boutique”.

3. Ice Age: Continental Drift, 2012


Beside of being an actress, Wilson also indulging in the foiled of a voice over talent, in which she is the one of the many cast that makes the alive of an animate series named “Ice Age: Continental Drift”.  It’s an animated series movie film produced by the Blue Sky Studio Production.  Wilson animated character in this film is the Procoptodon named Raz.  The movie was been released in the year 2012.  The story begins when an earthquake release by the nature that causing the ice melted, and make a division in the land where this animals live by.

2. Pitch Perfect, 2012


Our top 2 best movies Wilson casting on is the movies that have a genre of a musical film comedy entitled Pitch Perfect.  Her character name role for this movie is Fat Amy, where she is the one of the primary casting crew of the said film.  The story is all about the students that has a skill in singing, that when they decided to make a group, there arose another group that make them a competitor of the singing class.

1. Pain and Gain, 2013


Our top best popular movie that casted by Rebel Wilson is a drama, with matching crime and comedy, its tile is named as the “Pain Gain”.  Wilson’s character name in this said film, is the women who meet the three lead star in their journey of escaping the wages of the mistakes that they do.  This movies is the latest movie ever this year, the story begins when a trio friend make a trouble about kidnapped and extortion.