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A thriller-drama series in an American television is the genre of this film, it entitles the Homeland.  This TV series was developed by Gordon, Howard and Gansa, Alex.  This series is all about terrorism, in which started when a group of soldiers invade the Al-Qaeda group, after the bloody fight, one of the U.S. soldiers was been captive by the terrorist group.  But suddenly, they heard a news that their collages was turn into a terrorist also, helping the Al Qaeda group.  This said TV series made its very success, because of theawards they’ve got, with the help of the casting members of the film.  Now, here are the top 10 members of the TV series, in which they make the film so lively.

10. Navid Negahban as Abu Nazir


Mashhad, Iran is the place where Navid Negahban was raise.  He started developing his acting career in Germany, in which he spent more than 8 years there.  He started in a theatrical field where there, he develop more as an actor.  His role in this film is the leader of the Al-Qaeda group, he is also the most wanted in terms of terrorism in the said film.  His named role is Abu Nazir.

9. Brianna Brown as Lynne Reed


Lynne Reed is the character name rolled by Brianna Brown.  She was born in the place of Minnesota, and started acting in the end of her high school age.  Lynne’s primary role in this movie is she was an informant of agent Carrie in CIA group, in which the trust of Carrie is onto her.

8. Diego Klattenhoff as Mike Faber


A baseball player is the one of the many dreams of our next casting crew of the TV series Homeland, his name is Diego Klattnhoff.  He never thought that he will be an actor, well, now he is now.  Born in Nova Scotia, Canada, Diego is now a cast member of a TV series, his character name role is Mike Faber; a Marine captain of the US army.

7. Rupert Friend as Peter Quinn


In October the 1st, year 1981 is his birth date, our next casting member of this TV series is Rupert Friend, and his character name role is Peter Quinn.  As an actor, writer and producer; Friend has receive many awards in his first attempt in show business.  One of the awards he get is the title for the Most Outstanding New Talent in Golden Satellite.  He is also nominated as the most promising Newcomer.

6. Morgan Saylor as Dana Brody


Our next top casting member of this TV series in Morgan Saylor.  She was born and raised in the places of Georgia and Chicago.  She started her acting skills when she is 13 years old, and it started in a theater.  Saylor have been indulging in many movie projects, one of her latest movies is the Homeland TV series.  Her character name role is Dana Brody.

5. David Harewood as David Estes


An actor and a voicetalent we will recognized our next top casting member of this TV series.  His name is David Harewood.  He was born in the 8thday ofDecember in the year 1965.  His wife’s name is Kirsty Handy and he has a 2 children.  David played the role of the name David Estes, a CIA leader in which he is the boss of our lead actor name Carrie.

4. Mandy Patinkin as Saul Berenson


Mandel Bruce Patinkin is the real name of Mandy Patinkin.  He is a scrap metal dealer who become an actor.  He also good in singing, in fact, he makes so many soundtracks in a different movie.  His character role on this film is Saul Berenson, a mentor and a chief CIA agent in Middle East is his main role.

3. Morena Baccarin as Jessica Brody


Our 3rd top member of this film is Morena Baccarin.  She was born in the place of Brazil, the same with the other casting member of this film, Morena also started in a Theatrical filed.  Her name role in this film is Jessica Brody, in which she is the wife of Brody who was been captive by the guerrillas and was rescued of the US army group.

2. Damian Lewis as Nicholas Brody


Our next top members of this TV series is from England, his name is Damian Lewis.  His role in this film is a congressman that has been kidnapped by the guerillas named Al Qaeda group.  His recent job before his attempt to enter politics is an army, with a rank of sergeantposition.  Brody’s wife in this film is Jessica Brody, rolled by Morena Baccarin.

1. Claire Danes as Carrie Mathison


Our top 1 casting member of this film is no other than Claire Danes, in which she is the primary actress in the said film.  She rolled the character of Carrie Mathison, an intelligence of the known agent anti-crime group called CIA.  Her offices of the said group is in a Counter Terrorism Section, where she make strategies and moves to ensure the safety of her country.  In the later part of the story, Carrie face a challenges of her life, when the one who was been captive by the rebels and once been rescued by their team is becoming there enemy.