Difference Between Skinny jeans vs Carrot jeans

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Jeans have developed over the years and became a vital part of every life. Long ago, pants are just used by men, however, over time; it became as vital in the women’s department.

The usual material needed to produce jeans is denim. Jeans nowadays have different styles and fitting. And as fashion dictates, the latest on jeans’ style are skinny jeans and carrot jeans. These jeans proved their flexibility in pairing with different clothes, different occasion and activities of daily living. It provides comfort, protection and flexibility in movement.

Skinny jeans are for men and women. It is “skinny” as it fits the waist, hips, crotch, thigh and legs snugly. It offers movement as it stretches to some extent and can be paired with different clothes. Depending on the color, some even uses these jeans in their workplace.

Carrot jeans differ from skinny jeans by the crotch as it is loose, which stretches up to the knee. From the knee down, it fits firmly. It’s like a carrot that is big on top, then becoming slender and slender. Although this is not that popular as the skinny jeans, it still gained respect from women, and used it as part of their casual clothing.

Following are key Difference Between Skinny jeans vs Carrot jeans

Skinny Jeans Carrot Jeans
Fitting Denim pants that design to fit someone’s legs and waist Denim pants that has a carrot shape, unique factor is centered on the crotch area quite loose and stretches all the way to the knee before the entire pants tightens around the calf area
Market Acceptance Widely accepted in fashion industry Waiting for acceptance
Popularity More popular to both young and adults Not so popular yet