10 All Time Best Prime time TV Shows

10 All Time Best Prime time TV Shows

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Most of the time we are much busier in our daily routine life, such as working in offices, thinking for bills to paid, earning more money and etc.  But despite of the fact that we are always busy, we need to relax and have some time to sit on a couch and doing nothing.  But sometimes, in most people who make rest of their day, while relaxing, they prefer to watch TV to relieve their problem or worries and have a good time for a moment.  Fortunately, in our modern world this day, there as so many TV series to choose to, but the best series to watch is where we can find comfort and laughter.  Below are the list of the top best TV shows of 2013, check it out if the TV shows you’ve always viewed is on the list.

10. Parenthood


The first of the list is the TV series entitled “Parenthood”.  It has a genre of a comedy drama with the sort of Family –drama tandem.  The said TV series film show is created by the most known writer and producer named “Ron Howard”.  Parenthood when it was finished in terms writing, one of the producers named Jason Katims developed the film show, and finally aired in TV by the month of March 2010.  The said TV series has a 71 episodes list to aired, and it has been seen in the channel of NBC network.

9. Glee


Musical-comedy-teen drama is our top 9 of the list.  Where it is all about music strategies that was been used in terms of delivering conversation in each casting crew.  The title of the said TV series is Glee, with the help of 3 creators namely Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan, it all come true with the realization of the need topic.  The Glee TV series has an episode for a number of at least 91 list and a 5 seasons.  The said TV series film was aired in the month of May 2009, and is consistently aired in our present world today.  The channel where the series aire3d to is in the Fox Channel.

8. The X-Factor


Next in our list is a reality talent show named The X-Factor, where it was been purchased all over the world, to seek the top of the best singer in the specific country and to have a name in the world.  The said reality series was created by the name Cowell, Simon; with a distributers name Fremantle Media Enterprises.  The said TV reality series is the most in demand shows in every country in the planet.  In fact, it has been franchised in every country of at least 15 countries in the world.  The first airing of the original show is in the month of September 2011.

7. Elementary


Created by the name Robert Doherty, this TV series show that aired in the channel of CBS is are top 7 of the list.  The title of the said series in Elementary, where it was inspired by the known detective Sherlock Holmes.  The genre of the series is a drama with a crime tandem show.  The story is base of the writings of Conan Doyle, with a book entitled “The works of Sir Arthur”.  It has a 28 episode listed and a 2 current seasons.  CBS Television is the studios who make the production of the show and was aired in the month of September 2012 until this day.

 6. The Michael J. Fox Show


A sitcom with matching talking show is the genre of this next top TV series in 2013.  The title is “The Michael J.  Fox Show”.  It was been created by the name of Will Gluck and Sam Lay Bourne, with a 1 season and a 5 episode listed.   The said title of the said show is derive by the name of the primary host of the show, his name is Michael J.  Fox.  It was aired in the NBC broadcasting group of company and finally showed by the viewers in the month of September, year of 2013 of the 26 day.  The TV show country originis from the United States of America.

5. Two and a Half Man


Another comedy sitcom is on our list, the Two and a Half Man.  It is all about the person of the character named Charlie Harper, a writer, who has a responsibility of teaching and guiding nephew, where the boy is the son of his brother.  The said TV series is created by the two person named Chuck Lorre and Lee Aronsohn.  The number of episode that they have is at least 227 listed and has an 11 season.  It was been aired in the station channel of CBS and started to be viewed in the month of September 2003 and until this day.

4. Grey’s Anatomy


In our 4th of the list, a Medical drama TV series is the genre.  The title of the said show is Grey’s Anatomy, where it was been derived by the casting main character name Dr. Meredith Grey, a protagonist.  The film location of the many event is in the place of a hospital name Seattle Grace Hospital.  The creator of the said TV series is ShondaRhimes and was narrated by Ellen Pompeo.  It has a season for at least 10 and a list of episodes of 200.  The Grey’s anatomy was started aired in the channel of ABC network channel and it started viewing in TV by the 27th day of March 2005.

3. The Crazy Ones


Broadcast in the channel of CBS, this TV series movie was viewed. The title of the said series is “The Crazy One”, a situational series, where the topic is all about a gay that can sell anything to his costumers who has been depressed and need some temporary recovery of themselves.  The said TV series gather mostly people who criticize the film because of its genre type, however, it marks the list of the most viewed in TV network.  The creator of the said series movie is David E.  Kelly and was been aired in the month of September 2013 until this present day.

2. The Big Bang Theory


The big bang theory has a genre of a sitcom TV series, in which was been created by the name Chuck Lorre, a well-known writer and a producer, and Bill Prady.  The country where it was showed in TV is in the USA.  The said series creates its center of topic of a five casting character roommates that has a different skills that effects most of their encountering people.  The said film has an episode of at least 139 and a season listed of 7.  The Big Bang Theory was aired in the network name “CBS” and started viewing by the viewers in the year 2007 of the month of September until this present day.

1. The Big Bang Theory


Our 1st in the list is also our second of it, the Big Bang Theory.  It marks the top views in primetime television because of its related facts behind the stories they’ve aired every shows.  With a timeslot of 8:00pm, which is suitable for the viewers to see the said series.  The scheduled of the airing is on Thursday weekly.  It marks the 1st of our list, because of the statistics for the best viewed TV series listed, the Big Bang Theory have gained of at least 15,901,000 viewers who viewed the said TV series.  The original Network channel where the Big Bang Theory was aired is in the CBS network channel company.