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What is the difference between HELICOPTER and CHOPPER?

Isn’t fun to fly up in the air riding on a plane? You may be able to witness the beautiful scenery on its most top view. Aside from having a wonderful experience in a travel trip, these air vehicles are also used in dealing with transports, cargoes, wars, militarism and other related things. In terms of helicopter and chopper, what are the differences between these two?

A helicopter is an aircraft, vehicle that has a rotor which serves as the engine for thrust power and lift. The rotors guide the helicopter as it takes off and land perpendicularly, to fly and hover in any direction. This aircraft is mostly used in military, acquired and operated by a rich individual. It can have more than one blade or rotors.

Helicopter Chopper
Usage Used by military for defense and war purposes Used for firefighting, medical, corporate, and other purposes
Blade More than one blades or rotors Only one blade or rotor
Denote A type of aircraft that derives both lift and propulsion from one or more sets of horizontally revolving overhead rotors. It is capable of moving vertically and horizontally, the direction of motion being controlled by the pitch of the rotor blades Casual word for helicopter

The main difference of a chopper as compared to a helicopter is that it has limited functions. It is widely used in making movies, reporting of media, and entertainment for some noble businessmen, medical means, firefighting emergencies, police securities and other corporate affairs. It has only one blade or rotors in comparison with a helicopter. The term chopper is also believed as the casual word for a helicopter.