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When it comes to statistics in the world of mathematics, physics, chemistry, these words are very commonly used. More often than not, they are used together.

Domain Range
Variables Independent variable Dependent variable
Values Input values Output values
Denote X values Y values

A domain is used to refer to a set of numbers representing the independent variable while range refers to a set of numbers or values of the dependent variable.

As the names suggest domain is a dominant thus can exist independently. Range as it suggestively means is a spectrum of values that result dependent of the independent variable which is the domain

An example in mathematics:-

Let’s take a function like y=6+3x whereby x represents all set of values of the domain while y represents the range of values you are likely to get depending on the value of this means y cannot exist without the “x” value.

Using the same example, you may be given the domain “x”=-1, 2, 4. on calculations using the function y=6+3x, then “y”=3, 12, 18.this interprets when represented on a graph that the range of the functional domain is 3 to 18.this shows there is a value of numbers between these two values so depending on the x value then you can get any number between these two values.