Difference Between Post Office Box Vs Locked Bags

Difference Between Post Office Box Vs Locked Bags

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In the “good old days,” of post office, snail mail, “Return to Sender,” (RTS), was a common phrase. Today, the internet has revolutionized communication this phrase is rarely used. Letters with wrong, incomplete addresses misdirected to persons who relocated without leaving forwarding address were simply marked “RTS,” and sent back to the original owners. This after sales service is free based on the previous stamp postage charge. Thanks to Post Office Box service delivery.

Locked Bag offers the same service delivery of letters and parcels with a difference. Post Office Box is in designated premises where you can check on mail. Locked Bag is flexible. The owner has the privilege of carrying it to the home to check mail. However, the owner ensures the Locked Bag goes back to the Post Office to continue using the service. The owner pays for two Locked Bags, which are changed in the process.

Another distinction between Locked Bags and Post Office Box is size. Locked Bags are larger due to their use for running campaigns and competitions. Locked Bags are ideal for companies. Post Office Box has a number for identification. In some cases Locked Bags have numbers, though not mandatory.