Things you should know about Abby Lee Miller

Things you should know about Abby Lee Miller

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Abby miller lee is a house hold name and there is a lot you should know about her life and professional career since childhood. All her art of work is inspirational and she does it wholeheartedly that is what makes her. She loves her work and helping the community and the world at large in every aspect from her pyramid work to her scholarships and prizes offered to the community. Her career life and professionalism is all evident from the top ten things of her, it provides a clear picture of who she is and what she really does and her success in the dancing industry. The highlights each provide the work she did in that period and the success of each, there is no single work of hers that has no success and a story she gracefully touches a crowd of people interested in her profession and those who never thought that the could one day dance.

1. Childhood


Abby lee miller was an active child grew who grew up holding her career in her hands and her life was all glamorous. Raised up in a family who love music will be an added advantage to her career life direction, life was easy as her parents concentrated all their energy in raising her in order to be a good and well mannered person. She grew up as a person who loves music and her inspiration was her mother who always gave her all of her love who also had a studio. As a lively kid all her music journey will definitely be perfect, and dancing moves will be as a hobby.

2. Abby Lee Dance Company

2-Abby Lee Dance Company

The Abby lee dance company was founded by herself since her life was all about dancing, with good moves this was a great inspiration for this company. Training the others the dance moves is the greatest work a dance lover could do to the community. Many dancers join the company to perfect their moves and to learn new dancing styles to upgrade their careers in dancing. People whose life is all centered at dancing really have the urge to perfect their moves so as to have great referrals and good jobs. Abby herself trains people to be pros and the leaders in the dancing sector. The company is the best lace to be to perfect your much dreamt about moves.

3. Dislikes being on stage

3-Dislikes being on stage

People always have their say while someone is on stage, and everyone has different opinions. People will always boo at you whether you are giving them your best or not, the perfect thing is to continue moving on with the dislikes and hit the stage like it is your last time to perform like you will never have another great chance in life like that one and those dislikes will all flow away from your presence and you could rest assured that you gave your best and nothing less. The dislikes on stage will not last, it is only the few who are not satisfied who will be bored and this makes you stronger than before and than you know, meaning that next time on stage they will be satisfied and your career will be awesome.

4. Career highlights

4-Career highlights

A career is usually build in childhood, this usually leads to a successful career life and all the work done is always from down bottom of the heart because of the early attachment of the hobby. One always can see someone’s career in childhood from the likes and dislikes. Her career was discovered in her childhood by her mom who had a dancing studio, which made her a great and successful dancer with classic moves. With her tough dancing styles she now holds a reality TV show and also as a choreographer this all comes from her childhood passion. She is an inspiration to many peoples career.

5. Students move on to professional careers

5-Students move on to professional careers

Professional careers are always the best as one does a thing in a professional manner which is most liked by many employers. Working professionally is a guarantee that one is well familiar with the subject and all the work is up to perfection. Students are always on the look to check careers that meet the professional career since there is no much hustle in studying it and the benefits that come from it is much than any other career. Students engaged in professional careers are always up to the task and ready to make a move anytime need arises since he/she can use the professional skills to engage in any type of work available.

6. Staying in touch with former students

6-Staying in touch with former students

If you want to see your success get it always from staying in touch with former students this gives you a clear picture of what you did. Successful students always tell you that your work is worthy and the students got the very best of you. Always make follow up on your former students to try to make links with them because they are usually the great people who can give you great credit on your work. Referrals are too got from their great services they offer to the community through your training. Staying in touch improves your ability to expand your knowledge to a great wide range of people. Stay in touch to know their weak area and help them to improve.

7.  Well traveled.

7-Well traveled

A journey that starts with a zero up to nine is definitely a well travelled journey. Starting from the bottom and including your efforts in every aspect is the way to success. Her life has always been on toe trying to perfect every step in order to achieve that goal. Being consistent in work is the way to make the journey of your career smooth and easy to work on. Doing your projects in good time and good work is the way to always attract a wide range of clients and to reach them conveniently. Always connecting with them to know the quality of work then well travelled.

8. Scholarships and prizes

8-Scholarships and prizes

Scholarships are offered to people who want to advance their knowledge in certain area. Prizes are given to those who win in certain work or who perform extraordinary work that pleases the community. This are both offered to certain people who need it because of their advantages in creating exemplary work. Scholarships aims to rich the whole community and the scholars too look for good talent that can produce quality work at the end and can be counted on. Prizes aim at congratulating or appreciating someone’s good work and to encourage the person to work harder. She earned and gave these.

9. The pyramid     

9-The pyramid                                    

Abby miller uses pyramid schemes to train the dancers; she shows it to every dancer and train her how she should follow the chart to perfect her moves accordingly. This aims at providing exceptional work to her clients and to make sure that she proves she is the only and the best trainer for mom around the world. She sketches the pyramids so she knows what is the best position a dancer can use to perfect her art. She loves her clients to excel in everything she does because that is what builds her name and the great work of her professional career.