Ten Most Beautiful New Zealand Women

Ten Most Beautiful New Zealand Women

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Every country boasts of its own beauty and unique wonder. Each nation has people to be proud of. They could be intelligent, pure-hearted, beautiful, or just wonderful. In this list are gathered information that shows how beautiful New Zealand is. Aside from its green pasteurs and amazing tourist attractions, what makes the country more attractive are its gorgeous ladies. These women are not just beautiful faces, they also have an innate beauty that radiates form within, and draws people closer.

10. Carly Binding


Born on February 2, 1978, and raised in Tauranga, this pop singer/songwriter was once a member of a girl group named TrueBliss. She however decided to go solo in 2000, and hdebuted her solo album “Passenger”, which peaked at number 6 on New Zealand’s album charts and even went gold.

9. Shavaughn Ruakere


This actress was born on March 3, 1978 in Hawera, New Zealand, and got famous for her roles in the movies “Shortland Street” (1992), “Discount Taxi Driver” (2006) and “Samoan Wedding” (2006). She is currently dating One Network news reporter Mauricio Olneda-Perez.

8. Nicky Watson


She is better known for her successful career as a top New Zealand model. Other than that, Nicky was also hailed as the Sexiest Star by the New Idea Magazine way back in 2001.

7. Lucy Lawless


Born Lucille Francis Ryan on March 29, 1968, Lucy is most famously known for her stint as Xena the Warrior Princess. She is married to producer Robert Gerard Tapert and resides in New Zealand with sons Julius Robert and Judah Miro, and her only daughter Daisy.

6.Hayley Westenra


Born on April 10, 1987, this famous dancer first starred as the lead role in “The Littlest Star” at the tender age of six. At eleven, she was in over 40 stage productions, sung on television shows and some major concerts. She has even performed for Her Majesty, Queen of England and Former US President George W. Bush.

5. Kylie Bax

5-Kylie Bax

Born in Thames, New Zealand on January 5, 1975, Kylie is a well-known actress in the said country known for her roles in several movies including “Get Over It” (2001), “Perfume” (2001) and “We Married Margo” (2000). She has been married to Spiros Poros since August 28, 2005, now with three children.

4. Delwyn Cummack

4-Delwyn Cummack

A well-known top-notch model who hails from Wellington, New Zealand, this 5’8″ vixen has appeared in several advertisements such as Overland, Peugeot, VAMP, and Untouched World. She says she runs to keep her slender figure.

3. Hayley Holt


Born  on July 3, 1981 in Auckland, Hayley is notable for her appearances in several reality television shows, such as “Dancing With The Stars”. She started ballroom and latin dancing at the young age of seven.

2. Rachel Hunter


Born on September 9, 1969, this model-turned-actress and reality television show host is best known for her appearances in Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues and her marriage to singer Rod Stewart, which unfortunately ended in 2006. She is currently one of the judges in New Zealand’s Got Talent.

1. Anna Paquin


Born Anna Helene Paquin on July 24, 1982, this Canadian-born New Zealand actress became a household name when she starred on her first film, “The Piano”, where she bagged the  Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. She was eleven, making her the second youngest winner in the Oscar history. She currently plays the role of Sookie Stackhouse in the hit HBO series “True Blood”, from which she won a Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actress-Drama in 2011.